Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201 Third Miss Youre Still Alive? 3

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Although Murong Fei was publicly known as the number one beauty in the entire South Sky Region, but if she were really to stand next to Huang Yueli, she was just not enough to be compared with her.

Huang Yueli retrieved a bronze mirror as she looked in the reflection, and felt slightly dissatisfied.

Previous life…. She was much prettier! Helming an incomparable astonishing beauty.

It was rumoured that, Mu Chengying had just taken one look at her from afar, and it was love at first sight…. Now she wasn’t as beautiful as before, if he were to regain his memories, would he be dissatisfied?

But, even it was too late even if he was dissatisfied. She had already relied on him, so don’t he even dare to think of ditching her!

The man whom she, Huang Yueli chose, how was it even possible for him to escape from her clutches?

Although she had this thinking, Huang Yueli rearranged a new hairstyle and smeared a little lipstick on her lips, before she nodded her head in satisfaction.

But after she had prepared everything, Li Moying still hadn’t returned.

Huang Yueli guessed that it must be an extremely important matter which Murong De was discussing with him, which was why Mo Qi couldn’t be found either. But she wasn’t anxious, so she continued to tour around the house.

She had been to the initial few rooms yesterday, and there were still a number of rooms at the end of the corridor which she hadn’t been to.

Huang Yueli continued to look around, and while looking, she exclaimed in admiration, “Wow, Li Moying is really rich! He has so many of these ninth tier materials here! Who on earth set up these mechanisms for him? Just short of me by a little… En, very good, he’s so rich, looks like he will be able to provide for me!”

Huang Yueli mumbled to herself in satisfaction, as she reached the last room’s entrance at the end of the corridor.

She casually pushed open the door and unexpectedly realised that the door didn’t open up!

Huang Yueli lowered her head, and discovered that the door had been set up with an array, which will obstruct those without any identification to enter the room.

Huang Yueli placed her hand on the door and injected some Profound Energy, and this time the room door immediately opened up.

“Weird, why would he set up a lock in his own house….. just how much treasures are stored in this room? I gotta look carefully, not allowing him to have his own private stash in future!

As Huang Yueli taunted, she walked in and as she stood in the middle of the room, she turned around to look at the surroundings and immediately she went into a daze.

Celestial Light Sect’s main hall.

Mo Qi was negotiating with the guards at the entrance.

“Senior Brothers, I’m so sorry but I have something extremely important to inform Young Sect Master, so will you please help me to inform him!”

But the guards took no action.

“Protector Mo, Sect Master and Young Sect Master are discussing very important things, if you have anything urgent, can’t you just wait a while?”

“But my matter her is extremely urgent! I must inform Young Sect Master immediately!” Mo Qi anxiously replied.

The guards blocked his entrance, refusing him entry.

“Protector Mo, we are considered as friends so I’ll tell you the truth. West Sky Region’s Green Cloud Sect has sent someone over again! Last time they suggested a tournament with our Sect, in the end they were beaten hands down by Young Sect Master. So this time not knowing what trickery they are up to, they actually sent someone over again! I heard that something big is going to happen!”

“Ah? There’s such a matter?” Mo Qi replied in surprise.

“Isn’t that so? So no matter how important your matter is, can it be more important that the Sect’s benefits? Just wait a while more!” The guards patted Mo Qi’s shoulder, as they closed the main door’s entrance in his face.

Mo Qi really wanted to cry but no tears came out. He dared to bet that in Li Moying’s heart, Third Miss’s matter was the most important matter which overtook his own life!