Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207 Ive Returned 4

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Li Moying was stunned for just that one moment when Huang Yueli had already squeezed herself to his face, and her pointed nose touched against his nose’s tip, as that pair of watery large eyes was right in front of his face.

Li Moying’s breathing became heavy.

The young lady’s soft body was tightly pressed against his, warm and tempting.

This young lass had never been so obedient, doing what she was told, so proactive before….

For a moment, Li Moying wanted badly to lock her tightly, pressing her down and then doing what he wanted to do. That desire was extremely strong, as though he had been thinking about it for many years, for a long, long time, which had already set in deep into his soul…..

His two hands which were hanging on the ground clenched into fists, as his fingers sunk into his palm, forcing himself to control himself.

Because he still clearly remembers, the expression and tone when Huang Yueli said she had someone whom she liked….

That kind of tender yearning was something which he couldn’t hope to have.

However, just as his self-control was about to collapse, Huang Yueli suddenly lowered her head and gave him a peck on his face.

Her action was light and quick, like a dragonfly touching the surface of the water, when it withdrew back immediately.

Li Moying took a couple of breath’s time before he finally reacted, he seemed to have been…. snuck a kiss by her??

Huang Yueli’s face was filled with a suspicious red blush, “En… that…. I’m sorry, because you’re just too handsome, so…. I kissed you. Anyway being kissed by me, you don’t lose anything right?”

Li Moying was tongue tied, as he felt that he must be going crazy! Was he in a dream, or had he developed hallucination?

His Li’er would automatically kiss him, and gave such a bashful smile?

Had his Soul Detachment Illness became so serious that the minute it acted up, it actually revealed the dream in his mind, turning it to become so alike as though it was real…..

Huang Yueli lowered her head to see his dazed look and suddenly felt slightly comedic. She had never thought that the man whom she liked, was usually so overbearing and powerful…. And he actually had a dazed moment like this!

This intense difference made Huang Yueli’s heart filled with warmth, because this man only appeared in this way in front of her…..

For the longest time, he had only shown such difference towards her…. the gentleness in his eyes, were only for her…..

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli just wanted to explain the whole truth to him clearly and quickly!

They had already wasted so much time, wasting a total of two lifetimes, so in future… they must cherish their affinity, and stay happy together.

But seeing Li Moying still in a daze, Huang Yueli’s hand turned itchy as she pinched him on his face, as she was gasping how smooth his skin felt, as she sat up and pulled Li Moying along with her.

“Get up, I have something very important to tell you!”

She used her strength to grab his arm upwards, but after tugging him for some time, he actually didn’t budge at all. This man was just too heavy!!

Li Moying finally felt some actuality, as he saw his little fox rolling her eyes back several times at him, he finally remembered to climb up.

“Li’er, why are you…” he agitatedly grabbed Huang Yueli’s shoulders and wanted to speak.

“Shut up, can you listen to me first??” Huang Yueli broke off his words.

Li Moying didn’t expect to be howled at by her, as he went into a daze again and nodded his head

Huang Yueli pointed her chin, like a mighty queen, “Sit over there, and listen to me.”