Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219 Absence Makes The Heart Fonder 4

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Otherwise, when Li Moying awoke the next morning, that would really be doomsday!

Shadow Guards were burning with anxiety as they rushed into the courtyard, only to discover that the lightning had quelled down, and the surrounding energy waves had also turned normal.

But, all of them were still worried, so they decided to enter the premise, to witness that Li Moying was safe and sound.

The few of them searched the few outer rooms to find that it was empty, so they walked towards the bedroom towards the end of the corridor.

Huang Yuelis ears pricked up, as she listened to the shadow guards voices outside, and her ears turned so red that smoke was almost emitted!

She used a lot of force to push Li Moyings shoulder, trying her best to push him aside!

If the Shadow Guards were to bump into this, then she would be too embarrassed to see anyone!

However Li Moying was like a heavy huge mountain, as he steadily pressed against her, not budging at all, his head still hanging on her neck, planting strawberries.

Li, Mo, Ying! Get up right now, do you hear me??

Huang Yueli was already fuming with rage! What kind of timing was this, what was Li Moying thinking about? Did the man only used his lower body to think?

She stretched out his hand pull Li Moyings ear.

Just at this moment, a pitter patter of footsteps shuffling sound was heard closing in.

How about the bedroom? Have you checked the bedroom yet? The doors open!!

Let me take a look, there seems to be someone. Ah-!!

Gusts of screeching sounds which were about to pierce through the roof and Huang Yuelis expression turned green instantly.

Li Moying, however, seemed as though he had just regained his senses as his face revealed an astonishing look.

But, his reaction was so fast, which no ordinary man could imagine, just within an instance, he moved right in front of Huang Yueli, as he used the blanket and wrapped her up tightly, without a single bit of indecent exposure.

Thereafter, he turned around and faced the Shadow Guards at the entrance.

When the Shadow Guards dashed into the room, what they saw was actually their Master with a dissatisfied look, sitting right in front of the bed, and on the bed was a bundle of extremely suspicious lump.

Ughh ah? He he Master, you. youre alright

Master, we. We were just too worried about you. ughh, I did not expect. that youre still busy..

Ughh, that. were very sorry to have disturbed you and Third Miss.. that absence makes the heart fonder..

We will scram now, scram tight now please dont mind us, continue..

When Huang Yueli heard the Shadow Guards conversation, she had already guessed that they probably were laughing to death right now!! Ah ah ah, its just too embarrassing, and its all Li Moyings fault!

She buried her head into the pillow, pretending that she was an ostrich, not moving an inch.

After some time, a large hand touched her face, as Li Moyings smiling voice was heard, Lier, come out and breathe some air, you will suffocate if you continue in this way.

Huang Yueli continued to act dead, not moving at all.

Li Moying laughed, Theyve already left and Ive already given them a severe warning, then in future if the both of us are together, theyre not to enter even if the room collapses..

Ughhhh, do you want your face or not!

Huang Yueli heard that and instantly her rage got to her, as she turned around and stared angrily at Li Moying.

Li Moyings vision slipped downwards, as it laid on her neck which was filled with strawberries and his lips curled upwards, revealing a pure mans satisfied smile.

Alright, alright, Im in the wrong, Im shameless.. He readily accepted her view and he automatically admitted his mistake.

Anyway the strawberries had already been planted.