Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220 Absence Makes The Heart Fonder 5

Chapter 1220: Absence makes the heart fonder (5)

As long as he could declare his sovereignty, what did getting scolded meant?

Huang Yueli was rather speechless, as she stared at him angrily for quite some time.

But Li Moying used that pair of peach blossom eyes to seduce her while looking at her, his eyes were filled with tenderness, so she was unable to blow up her anger at all.

Alright, Lier, dont be angry anymore.!

Li Moying cried out miserably, as he saw his little fox lifting her head, revealing her two little fangs, smiling at him.

He touched his own neck, and could feel that area being bitten by her in revenge, and furthermore that bite was very deep, as it had already started to bleed..

Youyour sharp and pointed teethare indeed like a little fox.. he shook his head helplessly, but his tone was filled with affection.

Huang Yueli was finally satisfied as she gave a cold harrumph in a pampered manner, Hmph, this is already letting you off easy, who asked you to bully me??

Why would I dare to bully you, you dont bully me, Id already be thanking god.. of course, if you insist on bullying, you can also do as you wish, as long as you are willing to stay by my side, Id already be satisfied.

Li Moying sighed softly as he laid down beside her, hugging her and the blanket into his embrace.

Huang Yueli naturally leaned towards him, and she put her head on his shoulder like a pillow, thereafter staring at his handsome face.

So that means. you believe what I said?

Li Moying lowered his eyes slightly, and with a deep voice he replied, believe.

Huang Yueli pouted her lips unhappily, Why did you hesitate before answering me? Do you believe me or not?

Li Moying lowered his head, as he looked at her curious big eyes, replying helplessly, Why would I not believe in whatever you say? Furthermore, those evidence which you had stated, I have no way of rebuking. But this really make one feel surprised, I myself dont have any memories at all, so cant you just let me get used to it first?

Huang Yueli replied, Whats there to get used to, are you not used to the truth about having a fiance? Oh, right, forgot to tell you, in. our previous lives before something happened to me in the Northern Ice Fields, Id already agreed to marry you, so no matter what, youve got a good deal eh?

When Li Moying heard that, he simply couldnt help but laugh out loud.

I say. Lier, arent you a little unreserved? Are you worried that Id not marry you?

You dare!

Huang Yueli was wrapped up in the blanket, like a caterpillar and originally her movements were already very inconvenient, but she still kicked him with all her might in the blanket.

Li Moying say her grimace from the anger, as he immediately admitted defeat.

Alright, alright, anyway its all my fault. Whatever my wifey says is all correct! Havent we gotten engaged long ago? Youre the one who refused to admit it, whereas I cannot hope for it to be true! But. we cant get married right now.

Huang Yueli went blank for a moment, Why? She had thought that Li Moying would be very impatient, wanting to take her under his wing!

Li Moying replied, Id better recall all my past lifes memories before officially getting married, otherwise, I would feel..

Huang Yueli pouted her lips, Feel what? She actually had a premonition on what the man was trying to say.

Indeed, Li Moyings penetrative black eyes swept past her face, as he lowered his voice, Id feel that, youre looking at another man through me. to tell the truth, Lier, if it wasnt for the fact that I wasnt your past lifes lover, will you ever like me?

Huang Yueli couldnt help but roll her eyes, Arent you a little too bored? Being jealous of yourself?