Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1221

Chapter 1221 Absence Makes The Heart Fonder 6

Chapter 1221: Absence makes the heart fonder (6)
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Li Moying looked at her expression and was incredibly fond of it.

His fingers gently curled around a lock of her silky hair, as he revolved it around his fingertips, playing with it.

Huang Yueli shot him a glance and didnt have any expression, laying in his embrace, like a kitty cat which was about to fall asleep.

To be able to stay like this, holding Huang Yueli into his embrace, speaking softly to her, whereas Huang Yueli obediently allowed him to hug her, without any resistance.. to Li Moying, this was an image which he had always been dreaming of.

At this moment, even if he was to die, he would also be willing.

But there was still a sliver of uncertainty in his heart.

Because the change in Huang Yuelis attitude was simply too fast, right before that, he had already confessed numerous times, but were mercilessly rejected by her. Now that Huang Yueli deemed that his past life was Mu Chengying, so she let down all her guard and wholeheartedly devoted herself into his embrace?

If he still had all of Mu Chengyings memories, then he would be very, extremely, insanely happy.

But, unfortunately, he couldnt recall anything at all. So, no matter how much evidences Huang Yueli provided, even he himself could also faintly felt the similarities between himself and Mu Chengying.

But those just made him feel too unfamiliar.. to the current him, Mu Chengying was just another person.

He wasnt very certain that after this lifetime, could he really be the same as before? He already had a different persons experience, cultivation and identity, but were still far away from then, so would Huang Yueli really still liked him as much as before?

Perhaps, after some time when they were together, Huang Yueli would discover that things were there, but he was no longer the same, not the original him. by then, would she be extremely disappointed?

Li Moying kept silent, and Huang Yueli finally could not endure it further as she raised her head and stared at him, Why are you not talking? Is it because you still dont believe me?

Li Moying immediately shook his head, No, why would I not believe you?

You will! Huang Yueli clenched her teeth as she spat out in ridicule, You still feel that youre not Mu Chengying. Im telling you, this kind of secretly thinking too much, and anyhow being jealous, then subsequently stuffing it in your heart, and then telling me that theres nothing! This kind of behaviour, is exactly the same as in the past!

In their past lives, she and Mu Chengying often got together and separated, and often quarrelled, that wasnt totally her fault only ah?

Mu Chengying was basically a huge vinegar pail, and later on he even started to let his imagination run wild but refused to ask her personally because of his pampered and arrogant attitude!

This time, she made sure to have learnt from that, to crush the sapling of such horrendous behaviour!

Li Moying instantly was rendered speechless. He indeed did not have his past lifes memories, but seeing his little fox acting in such a flustered and exasperated manner, he sensed a familiar feeling.

As though, from a long time ago, they had always been getting along in this way.

Huang Yueli noticed that he still kept silent, so she went close to his face, and explained with a pampered expression, I really dont understand why you like to be jealous of your own self! Im not even treating you as the replacement for your past life! Actually, after meeting you in this life, Ive always liked you, I. alright, indeed Ive been rejecting you, but that was because I felt I was very strange ah. Why is it that I already had someone who I liked in my heart, but still moved by you?

I felt that I was especially fickle. Whereas you, had no memories at all, making me confused for the longest time yet!