Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1223

Chapter 1223 Where Did These Hilariously Stupid Clowns Come From 2

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The two of them were discussing while joyful satisfaction, as their eyes opened wide, staring at Li Moyings courtyards main door without blinking.

They had not discovered that right behind them, a group of Shadow Guards had already heard their conversation loud and clear.

Although they had been driven away by Li Moying yesterday, but it was the Shadow Guards responsibility to protect their master, so naturally they couldnt possibly go too far away, so they rotated duties among themselves, and all of them were staying close by.

Only, no one dared to go near, on one hand was because they were afraid of being Li Moyings eyesore, while on the other hand, as single dogs, they were afraid that theyd be blinded by the display of the shining love.

But, the situation around the courtyards surroundings, could not escape their eyes.

Early morning, when Fatty Wang and Administrator Chen appeared, it had already attracted the Shadow Guards attention. But because they were wearing Celestial Light Sects disciple and administrator uniform, so the Shadow Guards werent sure what they were there for. So in the end they just following right behind them, not making a single noise.

Whoever knew, they actually heard such a conversation which made one vomit blood.

The few Shadow Guards exchanged glances, as they could see a playful expression on one anothers face.

Where did these hilariously stupid clowns come from, to smear Third Miss? Obviously they were here to create humour!

Did their eyes grow on their butts, they actually said Third Miss looked ugly? And Young Sect Master wouldnt take interest in her?

Not to mention that Third Miss didnt agree, Young Sect Master would even possibly not agree!

Mo Er walked to the two peoples back, as he coughed heavily, Cough Cough!

The duo still hadnt discovered it, and was still discussing as they whispered to each others ear.

Why have that wretched lass not come out yet? Has she really been struck by Young Sect Master?

How could that be possible? If youre Young Sect Master, would you hide a dead corpse in your courtyard? He would definitely throw it out!

Looks like that wretched lass isnt dead yet? How will that do! I have looked forward to this for a long time!

Although not dead, then she must have been thrown into the water prison! I heard that once you enter the water prison, its no different from being sentenced to death, even if you come out, your cultivation will take a huge hit..

Cough cough, cough cough! Mo Er tried his best to cough, but the two of them were too excited, and totally didnt noticed him.

The other Shadow Guards behind laughed so much that they had stitches on their sides, and even casted Mo Er an extremely disdainful gaze.

Mo Ers lips twitched, feeling that his reputation as second brother was going to fall, so he hurriedly slapped Fatty Wangs shoulder!

Oh my god! Who dares to hit me! Fatty Wang jumped up, as he cried out in anger, Didnt you see Sir Fatty here is talking to someone? You dont even watch where youre walking, why did you walk to my side? Are you blind?

Mo Ers eyebrows rose, You dont know who I am? So what if I hit you? Youre here wandering around Young Sect Masters courtyard so early in the morning, obviously youre up to no good! Speak, are you a spy sent by the Green Cloud Sect?

Do I need to know who you are? What do you think you do for a living? Im telling you, Im Elder Wangs..

Fatty Wang was there boasting when Administrator Chen turned his head around and was scared till he broke out in sweat, as he hurriedly tried to wrest Fatty Wangs shirt from behind, asking him to shut his gap!

Fatty Wang didnt understood why he did that as he turned around, Uncle, what are you trying to do? Why are you tugging my shirt?

Administrator Chen made different signs with his eyes at him for quite some time, but Fatty Wang still didnt come to his senses.

Mo Er gave a cold harrumph, Continue speaking, why have you stopped, who are you to Elder Wang?

Fatty Wang wanted to continue when Administrator Chen urgently pounced over, using his might to cover his mouth.