Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1247

Chapter 1247 Wishful Thinking 4

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Li Moying felt that it was extremely necessary for him to regain his status as head of household, otherwise after he really got married with Huang Yueli, it was imaginable what kind of end he would fall into..

Furthermore, Huang Yueli had really great guts. Sometimes the things she did even made Li Moying broke out in sweat.

Like this time, while he wasnt paying attention, this lass actually ran out on her own. With just her fourth stage realm cultivation, she went up again the sixth stage realm Murong Fei!

Actually, Li Moying knew that Huang Yuelis character which was fond of taking risks wasnt a flaw. To a practitioner, it was a major advantage to be bold and careful!

For those who lacked the courage to face danger or even proactively seek danger, no matter how high their innate talent was, it was not possible for them to become a real top rated expert! Only through experience life and death would one be able to continue breaking through and continuing advancing!

But although he knew these very well, but whenever he saw Huang Yueli risking her life, he would still be upset by it.

The reason for this was probably because he had seen her sacrifice herself in their past life, which left a psychological shadow permanently..

Although Li Moyings attitude was fierce, but not only did Huang Yueli not fear him, she even smiled sweetly as she rubbed her face against his neck.

Alh right, what are you angry over? I just felt that Mo Yi following me was rather inconvenient! Rest assured, I have my own plans. This Celestial Light Sect is your turf, so what major thing could possibly happen? Moreover, the experiences Ive been through are not any lesser than yours. Its not as though Im some ignorant young girl who had not seen the world, the past me had travelled throughout the entire Soaring Heavens Continent so what could happen in the small Celestial Light Sect?

But Li Moying didnt think in that way. He stared at Huang Yueli as he spoke, You still dare to mention this? Earlier who was it who fought with Murong Fei? Shes at sixth stage realm first level! Furthermore, dont you belittle her. Although her innate talent isnt comparable to yours, but she is after all much older than you, and shes also the daughter of Celestial Light Sects Sect Master. The Profound Skills which she inherited from her family are rather powerful, even an ordinary sixth stage realm practitioner isnt comparable to her!

Huang Yueli stared at him in dissatisfaction, Are you thinking too lightly of me? Im not any ordinary fourth stage realm peak practitioner? I am certain that I can defeat her, which was why I chose to strike!

Li Moying frowned, If youre now at fifth stage realm, then I definitely wont stop you, but youre only at fourth stage realm

Huang Yueli couldnt endure it further as her sweet smile on her face disappeared and with a hmph, she rolled her eyes at Li Moying.

Alright, so you really look down on me! Ive told you this before that Ive not only raised my cultivation in the inheritance tower, Ive also learnt quite a number of God grade Profound Skills! No way, lets go back now, Ill spar with you to show you how powerful I am!

Li Moying looked at her arrogant and pampered look, as he felt totally helpless.

He just told her off out of concern and her face changed totally, this temper was really bad, furthermore. it was because of his excessive pampering..

Li Moyings eyebrows rose as he replied, Alright, its possible if you want to spar with me, but I dont casually make a move. Lets have a bet if you want to spar with me!

Huang Yueli went into a blank, Bet? What bet? She hadnt heard before that to spar with her own fianc, they first had to place a bet!

Li Moying leaned in close to her ear as he puffed out a mouthful of warm breath on her ear lobes, as he satisfactorily watched that sensitive ears speedily turned into a shade of pink.