Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250 Ominous Premonition 2

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That was simply because Li Moyings innate talent was simply too shocking!

Murong De had even suspected that Li Moyings innate talent had surpassed the highest ninth grade upper level and as for innate talents above this grading, no matter what it was, Murong De had no inkling of what it was like!

He only knew that from young, Li Moyings cultivation speed was shockingly fast, ridiculously fast.

Moreover, when ordinary practitioners cultivate, if their speed was overly excessive, that would result in unstableness in their cultivation and led to them unable to balance the training on Profound Skills thereby resulting in their overall battle power being much lower than same levelled practitioners.

However, Li Moying had never been troubled by this. Since young, he had been able to challenge practitioners whose cultivation were much stronger than his. Furthermore, his potential seemed as though it could not be exhausted. Instead it grew along with his age, becoming scarier and scarier!

Not only so, Li Moyings wisdom was also matured at an early age. Right when he was ten years old, he had knowingly established his own force.

By the time Murong De had realised it, Li Moying had already completed separated from his control!

And now that Li Moying had already entered adulthood, his ability was even more unimaginable. Although his cultivation was only seventh stage realm third level but Murong De had a faint premonition that even if a ninth stage realm practitioner like him were to challenge Li Moying, he probably would not be able to gain any advantages!

In his own self interest, he naturally wished that Li Moying could become his son-in-law. It would be best if he was infatuated by Murong Fei and fell head over heels for her. In this way, this outstanding talented young man would stay in Celestial Light Sect forever, helping to invigorate Celestial Light Sect and help him, his Master, gain some glory.

Alas, things did not go as planned.

Even though Murong De had tried to push Murong Fei to his side when he was still very young, creating numerous chances to nurture their relationship, but Li Moying had remained cold and distant towards Murong Fei.

Murong De had thought that Li MOying was a natural born practitioner, only having cultivation in his head, without any thoughts for BGR (boy-girl relationship)!

It was until Huang Yuelis appearance did he realised that it wasnt because Li Moying was destined to be alone, but because this daughter of his had no charm at all!

Because of that, Murong De was already dissatisfied with Murong Fei. Whoever knew that instead of self reflecting on herself, Murong Fei even ran over to complain, which made him had a terrible headache.

Sigh, what do you want father to do? Your Eldest Senior Brother doesnt like you. Doesnt like means doesnt like, surely I cant force him to like you right? Its not as if you dont know, the character of your Eldest Senior Brother doesnt allow anyone to tell him what to do. If I push him too hard, he may immediately leave the Sect!

Murong De frowned as he attempted to reason with Murong Fei.

Murong Feis eyes were red from crying, Father, I dont care. He beat me, am I to just forget about this?

Murong De sighed, If you dont go and provoke him, would he beat you up for no reason? Your Eldest Senior Brother shouldnt have the habit of finding things to do for no rhyme or reason, right? Just dont go provoke him anymore. Looks like he really will not marry you so you can just give up. Father will introduce you another fine young man!

Murong Fei had not expected that even Murong De would not stand by her side, so she got even more infuriated that her eyes turned red.

Father, why arent you helping me? Isnt your greatest wish for me to marry Eldest Senior Brother? Now youre actually persuading me to marry someone else??

Murong De replied helplessly, Theres no way now right? Your Eldest Senior Brother had already gotten engaged, so that shows that he will not marry anyone else except for her, what else can you do?