Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1251

Chapter 1251 Ominous Premonition 3

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When Murong Fei heard that, a sinister glint flashed past her eyes as she violently raised her head and looked at Murong De.

Father, why would there be no way? Of course theres a way! As long as as long as that little slut dies! Only if she dies, then Eldest Senior Brother will notice that there are other woman on this earth, who could give everything for him!

What?? Murong De was so shocked that he almost dropped the cup in his hands onto the ground.

He looked at his own daughter in disbelief and thought that he had heard her wrongly.

Feier, what are you saying? Dont tell father that youre going to kill your Eldest Senior Brothers fiance?

What fiance? Thats just a vixen who climbs up other mans bed on her own accord! Shes not even worthy of Eldest Senior Brother, yet she bewitches him, so she deserves to die!

Murong Fei said each word in hatred, as she got close to Murong De, Father, youre Celestial Light Sects Sect Master and the entire sect belongs to you. Youd surely have a way to kill that vixen, right?

Murong Fes brows were knitted tightly as he looked at Murong Fei in shock.

After some time, he finally spoke out, You. you must have been demonised! Do you know or not, who your Eldest Senior Brother is? If you kill his beloved woman, will he still be with you? This absolutely will not be possible! Listen to father, give up on him otherwise if something really happens and you anger him, our entire Sect isnt even enough for him to torment!

Father, whats the matter with you? How could you stand on that vixens side?? Previously that vixen had gone missing for two months, I was almost going to succeed. If it wasnt for the fact that she suddenly revived and appeared, probably I might have already been engaged to Eldest Senior Brother! Murong Fei cried out.

Murong De saw that she was still bring pig-headed and got a little furious as his tone shot up as well.

Im not standing on her side, but I cannot afford to offend your Eldest Senior Brother! West Sky Regions Green Cloud Sect is about to come to our Sect to discuss a huge matter. By then, I will still require your Eldest Senior Brothers help! If you really provoke him, what will happen to the other people in the Sect? Moreover, father wishes for you to marry him, to pull him over and not to make him hate you! Your unscrupulous methods will only push him further and further away!

Murong Fe also had a feeling that Li Moying was still staying in Celestial Light Sect right now, helping out all because he was grateful to him for saving his life when he was young.

If he really offended him and he were to leave like that, no one would be able to stop him!

Murong Fei could tell that he really wasnt willing to help, as her expression turned green.

Alright, since even father doesnt stand on my side, then if anything were to really happen, then dont blame me for not being filial to you!

Murong Fei jumped up and the look she had towards her father, was filled with hatred.

Murong Fes heart jumped, as he felt that this eldest daughter of his wasnt very right, feeling that there was an ominous premonition.

But this after all was his daughter who he had pampered since young, so he didnt believe that she could do such a vicious thing.

Alright Feier, Father knows youre just thinking awry for the time being and youd be back to your normal self after resting for a few days! You can stop cultivating these two days, go out and relax your mind! Furthermore, father wants to tell you another news! Green Cloud Sects Sect Master had intentions to link up with us through marriage. His eldest son is just twenty this year, and his innate talent had already reached ninth grade lower level! Very compatible with you!