Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1252

Chapter 1252 Ominous Premonition 4

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Murong Des original intention was to comfort her, after all there were plenty more fish in the sea so without Li Moying, there were still many others who wanted to marry her.

But in Murong Feis ears, she felt that her father had betrayed her, and was even more infuriated than ever.

She could not sit a moment more as she got up immediately.

Alright, since youre unwilling to help me, then treat as though Ive never been here!

Saying that, she didnt even consider the fact that her injuries had not recuperated yet as she forced herself out of the door while staggering!

Murong De gave a long sigh, not know what he should do at all!

Id better let her calm down before persuading her again! She had better not do any silly things!

At this present moment, Murong De was already beginning to regret his actions of trying to play matchmaker for Li Moying and Murong Fei then. Now Murong Fei had totally sunk in deep and perhaps she might create even more trouble..

After that day, Murong Fei didnt do anthing and did not appear before Huang Yueli or Li Moying.

Huang Yueli had this feeling that the unruly Eldest Young Miss would not stop her actions so easily, so she must be planning something up her sleeve.

But she wasnt afraid at all, so she disregarded this feeling. Anyway, if Murong Fei were to come and provoke her, shed definitely make her pay the price for it!

This afternoon, Li Moying wasnt around and Huang Yueli was feeling bored by herself so she decided to tour the small town beneath the mountain. She could also purchase some armament refining materials at the same time.

Now, in order to make Li Moying rest assured, Huang Yueli agreed to let the Shadow Guards follow her around every single time she went out. But, in order to have enough freedom to exercise, she requested for the Shadow Guards to follow her from a distance away. Unless it was life threatening, otherwise they were not to show themselves.

Li Moying decided to give a step back each, so he readily agreed to her request.

This was Huang Yuelis first time to the small town.

She didnt let Li Moying accompany her because she was intending to purchase some materials to secretly refine a Profound Armament for his birthday present, so she could not allow him to know about this beforehand.

When they reached the small town, Huang Yueli realised that although this town wasnt big, but it was bustling with life. Especially the transaction marketplace, it was filled various small stalls with a dazzling line up of items. Basically, they sold anything and everything and the variety they caried were much more than those large stores in Sky Cloud City.

This was probably due to the fact that Celestial Light Sect disciples often went to the small town to do transactions.

Most of them had outstanding innate talents and were talented practitioners, so their consumption abilities were much higher than Sky Cloud Citys ordinary practitioners. Moreover, when they obtained some treasures through experience training, they also needed to sell it off in the small towns marketplace.

Huang Yueli toured around for a while and indeed found quite a few rare materials as she excitedly ran over, thinking of purchasing it.

In the end, when she was taking out her spirit stones, the other party frowned and looked at her in puzzlement.

This young lady, dont you know the regulations of transacting in White Cloud Towns marketplace?

Huang Yueli went into a blank, What kind of regulation?

The young man at the stall said, At our place, we have much rarer and valuable treasures, so the pricing is usually much higher. All these requires Celestial Light Sects Star Stones to transact, so ordinary spirit stones will not do!

Star stones? Huang Yueli repeated in puzzlement.

The young man looked at her with even more defence, I say whats the matter with you? From your dressing, you look like Celestial Light Sects outer disciples so how could you not know what star stones are? Those are the in-house transaction currency for Celestial Light Sect! Its priceless! Most of the people who come to do transactions, a major part of them are Celestial Light Sect disciples, especially for those who sell valuable items, they definitely urgently require Star stones.