Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1253

Chapter 1253 Lack Discerning Power 1

Chapter 1253: Lack discerning power (1)
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Huang Yueli suddenly realised that, So its like that..

She then recalled that right before she left, Li Moying stuffed a huge sack of light purple coloured crystals and she didnt even know what it was for! So, its for her to buy things!

She had not expected her fianc to be so meticulous, it was really considerate!

The young man saw her dazed look, and thought she had no star stones so instantly became impatient.

Alright, since you dont have any star stones, then please step aside and not disturb me from doing business! I have no way as well because I need a huge sum of star stones to exchange for cultivation method. But in order to gain star stones, one needs to make contributions for the Sect to obtain the rewards so I can only come to this place to sell of my stuff to exchange for it. Otherwise, for such a valuable seventh tier material, I will definitely not sell it off!

Hey. Wait, I have star stones! I want to buy your materials. This one, this one and that, pack it all up, how much does it cost?

Huang Yueli called out urgently.

These sixth tier materials were very rare and sometimes she might not even be able to auction for it successfully in the auction house. Now that she chanced upon them, she definitely must get them.

After getting these, she would be able to refine an entire set of sixth tier Profound Armour for Li Moying.

When the young man heard her cry, he looked at her suspiciously, Are you certain you can afford these? My materials here are not cheap! From your dressing, youre just an outer disciple, right? Where would outer disciples get so many star stones?

Huang Yueli smiled, You havent even told me your price, how do you know that I cant afford it?

The young man hesitated and said, Alright, since you already say that. these materials are a total of twenty five star stones.

Twenty five? Huang Yueli gave a shocked expression.

Earlier when that young man put on that serious look, she had thought how expensive these things were! In the end it was worth only twenty give star stones? These star stones were really valuable! If it was according to market price, these materials would cost at least wo hundred and fifty thousand medium grade spirit stones, and if that all added together, one star stone would be around ten thousand medium grade spirit stones.

Recalling that Li Moying gave her a whole sack of star stones, it seemed that there would at least be a few thousand pieces.

It was more than enough to buy everything in this marketplace!

Huang Yueli was feeling a little complicated, as this was the first time she took so much money from a man! As a highly valued armament master, she had always not been lacking in spirit stones. Whatever she wanted to buy, she would just buy and there was no need for anyone to give her any money.

In the past Mu Chengying would only give her presents and not spirit stones because no matter how much money he had, he could never match what Huang Yueli herself had.

But today this man finally found a chance to support her? She had to admit, the feeling wasnt bad at all.

A smile surfaced on Huang Yuelis lips.

The young man thought she felt that it was too expensive as he hurriedly explained, The price of twenty five star stones indeed isnt cheap but these sixth tier ores are something which my Senior Brother and I, managed to get from attacking a large group of sixth grade magical beasts. Its not even sold in Sky Cloud City. As this is a priceless item, I will absolutely not drop my price. If you want them, then take it. If you dont, please leave!

Huang Yueli just wanted to speak out when a voice came echoing from her side, These few ores, I want it all!

Huang Yueli couldnt helped but frowned as she turned back to take a look.