Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1255

Chapter 1255 Lack Discerning Power 3

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Who you are. What does it have to do with me? I only know that this is the thing which Ive saw first, and the person who is paying a higher price is me, so these ores should rightfully belong to me.

Saying that, Huang Yueli ignored Feng Li Kun and placing the star stones right on the ground in front of the young man, she bent over to pick up the ores.

You. you dare to take my ores??

Feng Li Kun howled in disbelief, as he tried to stop her.

But Huang Yuelis speed was much faster than his. With a gentle wave of her right hand, before Feng Li Kun was even able to see her movements clearly, the ores on the ground had all disappeared as Haung Yueli kept it into her storage space.

This simply was out of his expectations! Feng Li Jun had initially thought that such an outer disciple, no matter how stubborn she was, there was no way she could take the ores away from him! Because the disparity between their abilities were right there, and it wasnt something which just a mere few words could step across!

However. This young lady before him had directly taken away the ores right before his eyes??

How was this possible??

Feng Li Kun was dumbstruck as he totally had not considered the fact that his ability was lower than Huang Yuelis. He assumed that his mind was wandering earlier which was why Huang Yueli was able to take such actionable opportunities!

When he thought of the fact that under so many watching eyes, he had actually lost to an outer disciple, Feng Li Kun immediately felt embarrassed as he was put in a difficult position!

The more he thought, the angrier he got and he finally couldnt endure it any further and struck out towards Huang Yueli!

Wretched lass, youre. looking for death! If I dont teach you a lesson, then youd not know my power?? Since you dare to snatch my ores, then Ill let you suffer a fate worse than death! Im going to see how long you can last till??

Feng Li Kuns raging palm strike was truculent as a powerful Profound Energy charged towards Huang Yuelis direction!

The surrounding crowd gave out bursts of shocking gasps.

The young man who set up the stall was pale from fright and he almost fainted!

This was really a sudden and unexpected disaster! Originally meeting such a rich person like Huang Yueli, was an easy person to transact the deal with. Whoever knew the minute Feng Li Kun appeared, not only did he caused his business to fall through, furthermore this matter would be even more difficult to handle!!

Based on Feng Li Kuns arrogance and maliciousness, he might really seriously injure Huang Yueli!

When Celestial Light Sect disciples fight outside resulting in fellow disciples seriously injured, it would result in the Sects punishment. But Feng Li Kun was the direct disciple and favourite disciple of Elder Wang so he naturally wont be implicated. Then it would be him, the stall owner who would be forced to take the blame!

Of course, the person who was worse off was this little beauty who was here to buy the ores. How could she be so brainless to actually offend Feng Li Kun!

If Feng Li Kun wanted the ores, just give it to him, whats there to argue over? This time if her meridians were to be shattered, it might even affect her future cultivation!

On seeing the palm strike reaching Huang Yueli, Feng Li Kuns face revealed a complacent cold smile.

But just at this moment, not only did Huang Yueli not retreat, she even took a step forward!

Feng Li Kun was shocked, as he thought she had gone silly with shock.

But next second, Huang Yuelis silhouette suddenly moved and appeared right in front of him. Following that, her right hand rose up and a burst of fiery red blaze ignited from her palm!

You. How are you so fast??

Feng Li Kuns question had not left his mouth when he felt his entire body losing balance, as he flew out!