Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257 Lack Discerning Power 5

Chapter 1257: Lack discerning power (5)
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Feng Li Kun had not expected that his farce today had actually alarmed Young Sect Masters people!

Mo Yi spoke coldly, Junior Brother Feng, you should have never, ever offended Third Miss today! You almost hurt Third Miss, so this matter isnt going to end so easily! Youd better go back with me and discuss with Elder Wang carefully, on how youre going to explain to Young Sect Master!

Feng Li Kun went into a blank, What Third Miss, why must I explain to Young..

Suddenly, he recalled that rumour which was spreading around the entire Celestial Light Sect!

Young Sect Master had gone to Celestial Light Academy to bring back his prenatal betrothal fiance. Moreover, Young Sect Master had pampered this fiance of his, abiding to all her requests, completely abandoning Eldest Young Miss from his mind and even publicly declaring that he would marry this young lady!

This matter, Feng Li Kun had naturally heard of it. But it had never crossed his mind that the unfamiliar outer female disciple which he met in the marketplace was the young lady in the rumours who had smitten Young Sect Mater!

If she really was Young Sect Masters fiance, why did she needed to wear outer disciples uniform? Why didnt Young Sect Master find her a good Master, to let her become a direct disciple and cultivate properly?

Feng Li Kun would never had known that it was Huang Yeuli who despised Celestial Light Sects elders, believing that none of them had the qualifications to teach her.

Anyway, all she asked for was to stay by Li Moyings side. Regarding matters on cultivation, she herself had plenty of experience so why would she needed to become a direct disciple for?

But even if Feng Li Kun could not comprehend the entire situation but on seeing Mo Yis icy cold face, he knew that what he had said was not false.

That was it. Now that he had offended Young Sect Master, even Elder Wang would not be able to save him!

Feng Li Kun was so scared that his eyes rolled back and he fainted once again!

Mo Yi turned around and bowed towards Huang Yueil once again before he dragged Feng Li Kun away.

Huang Yueli looked around for a little while more and felt that there wasnt anything which she wanted to purchase from the nearby stalls so she turned around and proceeded to leave.

Once they knew she had left, the marketplace exploded into a huge bustle! Everyone was filled with astonishment, excitement as well as mind-blowing emotions.

Heavens, so thats the legendary.. Young Sect Masters fiance?? She indeed is very pretty! Earlier I was just wondering if this outer disciple had just joined us, shes so beautiful and yet no one mentioned about it?

Look at your wretched look! No matter how beautiful she is, you will never be your turn! You dare to fight with Young Sect Master over her?

Even if you give me one hundred more guts, I also wont dare to! I am purely admiring her, cant it? Shes really worthy of being Young Sect Masters fiance. Did you guys see it earlier, the speed of her move is simply too fast! Feng Li Kun had no chance to react at all and was sent flying by just one strike from her! This ability. Should have long surpassed Feng Li Kun!

Thats right, Feng Li Kun still thought it was his own carelessness. Tsk tsk, really a dumba*s!

But that Third Miss looks very young, maybe around fifteen or so? She could actually defeat Feng Li Kun? What kind of innate talent is that? As compared to Young Sect Master.shes not inferior in any way right?

Someone suddenly thought of this as he weakly raised this question.

Momentarily, everyone was shocked as they exchanged glances but no one said a single word.

Right, earlier everyone was just intent on watching the show and had not thought about this carefully. That young lady at this age had such this level of cultivation. Considering this carefully, just what kind of exceptional innate talent was that?