Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1258

Chapter 1258 Liu Buyan Appears 1

Chapter 1258: Liu Buyan appears (1)
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It took a while before someone regained their senses. All they had were a gasp of admiration among the thousands of words.

She really is worthy of bring Young Sect Masters fiance!

No wonder Young Sect Master dont even have any interest in Eldest Young Miss Murong. So. theres really a young lady with such shocking innate talent! Only someone like her is comparable to Young Sect Master!

When Huang Yueli left the marketplace, she felt slightly tired and when she saw a teahouse by the road side, she wanted to go over to have some tea and take a rest.

But the minute she just planted her butt, she heard an agitated voice from her rear right corner, Bai Ruoli?? Youre Bai Ruoli?? Youre still alive??

Huang Yueli turned around and took a look and saw a good looking man dressed in a long white robe standing up, as he shot straight to her.

Huang Yueli stared at him and asked in astonishment, Divine Doctor Liu? Why. are you here?

That person was Liu Buyan. When he saw Huang Yueli seated right in front of him in one piece, he was simply pleasant beyond his expectations as he couldnt help but said, Thats great, youre alright! When I heard about your disappearance, I almost got scared out of my life!

Huang Yueli grew even more curious as she blinked and asked, How do you know about my disappearance?

She and Liu Buyan. werent that close right? They merely had a doctor and patient relationship so why would Liu Buyan get to agitated from seeing her?

Liu Buyan agitatedly trembled, as he couldnt help but held Huang Yuelis hands and said, Havent you made a prior arrangement with me that within ten days, youd bring your friend to me for a consultation? Because of that, Id stayed in Sky Cloud City for ten days but youd not come to look for me. I had something on so I thought of visiting you, have you forgotten about it? In the end. the students in Celestial Light Academy said that. you disappeared?

Huang Yueli was caught unawares as her hand was grabbed in his and she immediately felt embarrassed.

She had always felt that Liu Buyans attitude towards her was not right, but she wasnt quite able to tell what was wrong about it.

Only, the two of them were of different sexes so when he suddenly grabbed her hand, this felt a little presumptuous right?

Huang Yueli gently retracted her hand and after Liu Buyan detected that, his gaze turned slightly dark but he still released her, not forgetting to explain, Ah, Im so sorry. I thought something happened to you so when I saw you, I was a little too agitated..

Huang Yueli hurriedly replied, No matter, I understand. Thank you for being so concerned about me. That day I had indeed met with a little bit of danger and encountered my fathers enemy. Later on because of my carelessness, I almost lost my life. But luckily later on, I managed to escape out of the dangerous situation!

She tried to go through the entire episode briefly but not only did it not made Liu Buyan rest assured, on the contrary, it made him even more worried.

What on earth is going on? Your fathers enemy? Who is your father, to have offended such a powerful enemy? Furthermore, where were you hiding after sustaining such heavy injuries? Why was it that Id been searching for you for two months and yet I couldnt find any clues at all??

When Huang Yueil heard that, she went blank, You searched for me for two months? Why? Did you need my help for something?

She was completely fazed as she totally could not understood why Liu Buyan would search for her, and for such a long time!

By right, their relationship wasnt so close till he would do that right? Furthermore, Liu Buyan wasnt some kind hearted person, who would waste his compassion on someone like that.

Although he looked more passionate than Mu Chengying on the outside, he was actually the one whose natural disposition was cold.