Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1259

Chapter 1259 Liu Buyan Appears 2

Chapter 1259: Liu Buyan appears (2)
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Usually if it wasnt someone who Liu Buyan wanted to save, then even if that person died right in front of him, he wouldnt even bat an eyelid!

Moreover, Liu Buyan would not even care about those ladies whom he had a past relationship with. In the past his enemies used the women whom had a relationship with him to threaten him, but he wasnt hooked and allowed those women to emerge and perish.

A person with such cold character would run about everywhere for an ordinary patient, even searching for her for two entire months? How was that possible?

It wasnt like in her past life, that he would help his best buddy Mu Chengying to search for his beloved woman.

So . Either Liu Buyan was lying to her, or he had some ulterior motive?

Liu Buyan remained silent for a moment, not knowing how to reply. After some time, he came out with an excuse, Theres nothing much. I recently came across a patient who was similar to your medical history, also poisoned by dark attribute. But when I used the same kind of medicinal bath on him, I was not able to cure him at all. I was thinking that my divine doctors label cannot be smashed just like that, so I thought of searching for you, to understand what the situation was when I was treating you that time!

Actually, Liu Buyan himself didnt know what was wrong with him.

He originally wasnt a kind hearted person, there were innumerable patients who helmed great fortunes to look for him to cure them. So, he couldnt possibly stay put at one place, just to fulfil an agreed period of ten days for a young lady!

If he agreed to wait just upon request, what kind of Divine Doctor was he? How much face would he had lost?

However, he also didnt knew why and actually stayed for an entire ten days in Sky Cloud City.

In the end, Huang Yueli didnt appear at all. This young lass had fooled him and according to his way of doing things, he would immediately flick his sleeves and left. Before he left, he would also serve that woman who dared to fool him with some kind of poison, letting her see just how powerful he was!

However, he had no thoughts of seeking revenge or similar matters at that time. He was filled with an ominous premonition, worried that that pleasant and artfully intelligent young lady whose cultivation was not high, had really met with some unpleasant event. So he disregarded his own status to ask about her whereabouts in Celestial Light Academy!

After he found out that Huang Yueli had disappeared, Liu Buyan felt that his heart was going to stop, as his mind turned blank as flustered emotions started to occupy his entire mind and heart!

This feeling. was something which he had experienced previously. It was exactly because he had experienced it before, which was why he was even more clear. What that meant!

The last time something had him flustered like that, was fourteen years ago when he found out that Huang Yueli had self-exploded in the Northern Ice Fields

That moment, heaven and earth were flipped as tsunami and avalanches occurred..

At this present moment, his feelings were feeling the alike.

Liu Buyan immediately realised that, he seemed. as though he should. had some kind of unusual feelings towards that young lass.

Its been fourteen years. Liu Buyan had thought that his heart had died along with that fiery red figure in his memories, but he had not expected that he would feel the feelings of being aroused again. Moreover this time, he seemed as though he was going to face the danger of losing someone who he felt something for, once again

He immediately took action and gathered all his subordinates, using whatever resources he could get hold on and started tracing Huang Yuelis whereabouts.

But all these were something which he couldnt say, in front of Huang Yueli.

If it wasnt for his awkward character, he wouldnt had waited until the moment when Huang Yueli and Mu Chengying got together fourteen years ago, before realising that he had missed the best chance to confess.