Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Gaining Such A Big Advantage
Chapter 126 Gaining such a big advantage

The Crown Prince was very knowledgeable towards this rule, so he wasnt in a hurry to bid. Instead, he spent all his concentration in waiting.

Not long after, a timid voice echoed out from a remote corner within the general seating.

One hundred thousand?

The Crown Prince barely controlled himself from laughing out.

As expected from someone sitting in general admission, oblivious to the world. Knowing they would not be able to obtain it, they still offered a bis. Presumably to participate in the excitement?

Even for an ordinary third tiered lower grade profound armor, one would still be hardpressed to purchase a piece at one hundred thousand silvers. In spite of this, there were still people who dared to bid at such a value?

Because there was a first bidder, a second and third bidder quickly followed.

Three hundred thousand!

Four hundred thousand!

In the span of a few short breaths, a constant stream of voices rang. Rapidly, the price shot to one million two hundred thousand.

Once the price passed the one million threshold, the speed of those bidding distinctly dropped. Previously, the increase was never below one hundred silvers but with the current value, many turned more prudent in their increment increase.

One million two hundred and ten thousand!

One million two hundred and twenty thousand!

From that point, the price increase was in much smaller ranges.

During this moment, a distinguished guest called out from the third floor: One million five hundred thousand!

Once this quote came out, the discussions in general admission immediately ceased.

After Manager Suns inciting, no more bids were called from the audience.

Left without choice, he could only announce the next step: Well then. Since there are no more bidders, I will begin the countdown! One million five hundred thousand once! One million five hundred thousand

Expending quite some energy, the Crown Prince waited for the ordinary buyers to be eliminated before striking out with a high amount. But end result was not what he imagined. Not only did he miss the opportunity to bid, the final countdown had also begun?

This pricewasnt a bit too cheap?

A single third levelled upper grade profound armor part was already set around one million five hundred thousand silvers. While this item included all thirteen piece. Wouldnt that mean they would be purchasing the entire set for only one million five hundred thousand?

Internally, the Crown Prince was delighted.

Could this mean.that not a single guest present was capable of recognising its proper value? Were they oblivious of the fact that the sets value was at least five times the amount? Even if it was still sold for five million silvers, it would still be considered extremely cheap for that profound armor set. And now it was to be sold for a mere one million five hundred thousand silvers?

It seemed that he truly did not come in vain today. This was a huge discount that he will grab today!

From the moment he smelt the fragrance of that Ice Wild Rose Wine, the Crown Prince felt a bit intoxicated and a constant dull ache in his head. This resulted in his inability to concentrate properly. Unfortunately it also meant that he could not think straight, even though his heart felt that something was amiss.

Furthermore, Manager Suns countdown speed was very quick.

One million five hundred thousand thrice.

Watching as the bid about to be finalised, the Crown Prince was unable to consider anything. If he missed such a succulent convenience, he would absolutely regret it for the rest of his life!

Hastily he shouted: One million five hundred and fifty thousand!

Although he was aware of this great deal that was as cheap as white cabbage, the Crown Prince did not bump the price up by a large amount.

The previous guest hesitated for quite some time before calling out once again.

One million five hundred and sixty thousand!

Really someone who had not experienced the world! To be able to purchase such a profound armor for only one million silvers, yet the increments which they increased by were so little!

With a grand heroic spirit, the Crown Prince continued to bid: One million six hundred thousand!

.One million six hundred and ten thousand!

One million seven hundred thousand!

Although the third level relapsed into a period of silence, they still followed with another bid in the end: One million seven hundred and ten thousand!

One million eight hundred thousand!

One million eight hundred and ten thousand silvers!

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