Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1260

Chapter 1260 Liu Buyan Appears 3

Chapter 1260: Liu Buyan appears (3)
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After hesitating for so long, Liu Buyan finally gave an undiluted version of a lie, creating a patient who did not exist to fob Huang Yueli off.

So thats the case! Huang Yueli suddenly was enlightened.

She was just thinking that Liu Buyan couldnt be that kind hearted! See, he indeed had some motive!

What Liu Buyan valued most was his medical reputation and if theres a patient which he couldnt cure, then his Divine Doctors reputation would be smashed! This kind of matter to him naturally was the most serious kind, so no wonder he could spend up to two months trying to search for her.

But once the motive was out, she suddenly felt assured. After all this small matter was something which she definitely could help with. What Huang Yueli feared the most was someone not telling what motive they had, and if she were to owe a personal debt to the other party, then that wouldnt be nice at all!

With this thinking in mind, Huang Yueli immediately patted her chest and promised, This matter Ill do my best to coordinate with you. Divine Doctor Liu, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! My memory has already been not bad, so I still remember clearly what happened during that time!

She had no other thoughts on her mind and had never considered the possibility that Liu Buyan might like her!

After all, ever since Liu Buyan made her wear a dress and played the zither, she could clearly tell that Liu Buyan already had someone in his mind. Furthermore, he had deep sentiments for her. So under this kind of circumstance, she didnt felt that Liu Buyan would suddenly had a change of affection.

Liu Buyan heard her saying that and silently heaved a sigh of relief as he let out a sliver of smile, Thats great. Ill first explain the situation to you. If any situations occur during treatment, Ill still come over to look for you!

Huang Yueli had not expected him to say that he would still come look for her, as she felt rather astonished momentarily.

But having a change in thoughts, she felt that Liu Buyan might be acting polite. After all there were very rare cases where Divine Doctor Liu wasnt able to cure any illness, and this time round he had intentionally came to ask her about her situation. If he still didnt manage to cure that patient, wouldnt it be too ridiculous? So, he definitely must be just saying so only, and would not look for her in future!

But even if Liu Buyan dont look for her, she had something to look for him!

Huang Yueli laughed as she replied, Of course thats great. Its my ultimate honour to be acquainted with Divine Doctor Liu!

When Liu Buyan heard these words, he silently heaved a sigh of relief as the huge stone weighing on his heart was finally let down.

Heaven knows that his appearance looked extremely calm and different while maintaining a suave vagrants demeanour, but in actual fact his heart was apprehensive to the max!

Liu Buyan was very clear that there was no way he would be able to confess. The result of keeping everything to himself, would possibly push the woman he liked further and further away, so right after he said out that nonsensical excuse earlier, he actually felt rather regretful.

But if he really was to confess, he would rather die than say it out.

So he could only use this kind of excuse to suggest to meet Huang Yueli continuously, several times more.

Of course, the reason for the meet up was implausible so he was afraid that Huang Yueli might reject him on the spot. But now, the other party had finally nodded her head, which made Liu Buyan extremely happy.

Was this.. considered as a good head start?

Just as Liu Buyan was indulging himself in excitement, Huang Yueli suddenly opened her mouth again, Thats right, Divine Doctor Liu, since Ive helped you this round, should you also help me once?

What do you need me to do?

When Liu Buyan heard that, he became even more excited.

The girl he liked had asked him for help on her own accord. This was a good sign, and it also gave him the opportunity to perform his skills.