Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261 Liu Buyan Appears 4

Chapter 1261: Liu Buyan appears (4)
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Liu Buyan decided immediately that he must grab this opportunity to let the young lady before him know that he was an abled and reliable man!

But Liu Buyan had his own pride. He didnt immediately agree to it diligently but maintained his usual kind of indifference on the surface.

He raised his tea cup and took a sip before he said, How do you want me to help exactly? Let me hear about it first?

Huang Yueli replied, Its the matter which we agreed upon previously, to do consultation for a friend of mine! He has had that illness for ten over years and recently its been deteriorating. The last time because I met with danger hence, we missed the agreed timing to meet up. After dragging for so long, Im afraid that it would become more and more dangerous, so Id like to trouble you to set aside some time to do consultation for him.

When Liu Buyan heard about this matter, he couldnt help but laughed as he said, You should know that the price to ask me to do consultation is very high. Last time youve made me a meal which made me satisfied so I agreed to your request. But at that time, you didnt appear during our agreed timing, so its considered as you giving up that chance. Now that were speaking on the same matter again, I will not acknowledge this debt.

Huang Yueli pursed her lips as she berated Liu Buyan the wily old fox secretly, thinking that he would probably come out with something else to make things difficult for her!

She was considered quite close to Li Buyan, and in her past life, they were all friends so she naturally knew that every single time this fellow helped someone to do consultation, he would definitely not let it go easily if he didnt make the other party go crazy from it.

But did she have a choice since she needed him to do her this favour? To Huang Yueli, Li Moyings health was much more important than anything else. So for that, she was willing to pay any price, moreover just merely lowing her stance to beg him?

Huang Yueli immediately spoke in a humble manner as she said, Divine Doctor Liu, last time youd already agreed to it! Moreover, I didnt intentionally not meet up, I really almost lost my life! Furthermore, arent you asking me for help this time as well? Dont tell me youre only intending to make me help you for free and not intending to pay me any reward? How about this, we do one favour for each other and thats considered settled!

She used the carrot and stick approach, as she tried to befuddle Liu Buyan.

Liu Buyan heard her clever and eloquent look and felt a little like laughing. The way she spoke really resembled that young lady from fourteen years ago..

Thinking of the person in the past, Liu Buyan sighed silent in his heart and at the same time he reminded himself that since he had already missed it once, he absolutely cannot miss it the second time!

This time round, he must grab the opportunity!

Liu Buyan heard that and said, Theres no logic in your saying! Your answering to a few questions of mine was as easy as lifting a finger but if I have to do consultation for your friend, that would waste a lot of my effort so how could it be the same? You just want to use a few questions to exchange for I, Liu Buyans help?

How would such an intelligent person like Huang Yueli not understood what he meant by that, as she immediately realized that. Liu Buyan was prepared to agree to it but she was still acting that he didnt agreed to it.

She hurriedly added, This is easy, what else do you want me to help you with? Just list it out and Id do my best to satisfy your demands!

Liu Buyan laughed and intentionally shot a disdainful look at her, Can you satisfy all my demands? I dont believe that based on your ability, I really cant tell that what help you can help me with?

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him in displeasure, What do you mean by that? Dont you dare belittle me! Im telling you, Im very rich!