Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1262

Chapter 1262 Youre Engaged?? 1

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Moreover, not only do I have spirit stones, I also have many rare materials and Profound Armaments. You only need to list out your demands and Ill think of a way to do it!

Even if she wasnt able to do it, there was still Li Moying, so she could still go back home and discuss with her fianc on how to go about it!

Huang Yueli was very sincere when she raised this but Liu Buyan didnt believe her.

From how he saw it, no matter what Huang Yeuli said, she was merely a fourteen to fifteen year old young lass. Even if she had outstanding innate talent, but cultivation itself required a lot of expenditure on resources so how much money could she have saved?

Retreating back ten thousand steps, even if she really did have savings, was it comparable to him Liu Buyan? One must know that the two occupations in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent which earned the most were Armament Masters and Alchemists!

Ever since Huang Yueli died fourteen years ago, the position of a nine ranked Armament Master was still vacant till now whereas for nine ranked Alchemist, it was Liu Buyan himself!

In other words, he was the richest man in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent. So no matter what this young lass had, surely she would not be able to show him anything that he had interest in right?

Furthermore, if he were to woo her now, who on earth would woo the lady and still demanded things from her?

Liu Buyan thought for a moment and replied, Money, I have plenty of it. For that little bit of yours. I am not interested!

Huang Yuelis lips twitched as she wanted to debate further but endured it.

Alright, Pill Masters were indeed rich and for Liu Buyan to be so arrogant, he had his own reasoning. Who asked him to be the one that she had to beg for help? She would endure with it!

. But, if you can copy what you did like last time, to make another meal for me, then I can give you another chance, to help your friend do consultation. What do you think? Liu Buyan raised his request slowly.

Huang Yueli delightfully nodded when she heard that, Alright, this is simple. Dont say one meal, even if its ten meals, its not a problem too! As long as youre able to cure him then you will be our best friend. So, we welcome you to our house to be our guest!

She had not expected that things were actually that simple. Liu Buyans request was actually for her to make him another meal!

Huang Yueli felt that it was inconceivable. She knew that her culinary skills werent bad but was it really that good to this extent? To even be able to let the difficult Divine Doctor Liu to do a consultation for her just for one meal? Wasnt this just too magical?

She herself didnt even felt that it was really good usually??

Bur no matter what, Liu Buyan had agreed to it so it was some great news. Huang Yueli didnt think much of it and just treated that it was his special preference as she immediately agreed to it joyously.

But Liu Buyan on hearing her reply, not only did he not felt happy, instead he started to frown.

Somehow, he felt that. Huang Yuelis words earlier sounded a little strange.

What was called.. our house? What was calledwelcome you to our house to be our guest? Whose house was it?

Liu Buyan kept thinking about it and felt uncomfortable so he couldnt help himself and asked, Miss Bai, why did you say. Our house? This friend of yours, is staying with you?

When Huang Yueli heard this question, she suddenly paused as a shade of red uncontrollably filled her face.

She realised that she was too excited and actually put the words Our into her mouth. Although it indeed was the truth, but she and Li Moying were not officially married and were staying together the feeling was a little embarrassing

Liu Buyan had not expected that over such a question, Huang Yueli actually blushed!