Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263 Youre Engaged??2

Chapter 1263: Youre engaged??(2)
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This made Liu Buyans alarms ring louder as he immediately asked for an answer, Why are you not talking? Is it inconvenient to speak about?

Huang Yueli then shook her head as she said, Theres nothing inconvenient to talk about. Actually the person whom I wanted you to help do consultation for, is my fianc!


Liu Buyan cried out in alarm as his hand uncontrollably shook and the teacup in his hand instantly dropped, smashing onto the ground.

Following the crisp plop sound, the tea cup was smashed to smithereens, shattered into fragments, just like his broken heart.

Liu Buyan repeated in disbelief, You say fianc?? You have a fianc??

Liu Buyan totally couldnt believe that such a thing had happened!

Just when he was filled with determination to woo a young lady, he suddenly discovered that the only party who made his heart moved, actually. already had a fianc??

Why was he so unlucky, to be just late by one step every single time? This couldnt be true!

Huang Yueli had not expected him to be so agitated and she totally didnt understand why as she looked at him vacantly, Thats right! Right before I was born, we already had this prenatal betrothal! Earlier this year we officially got engaged to become fianc and fiance.

Liu Buyan replied, Your fianc. Was in a prenatal betrothal with you?

Huang Yueli looked at him in puzzlement once again, not understanding why he kept asking her about her personal matters but she still nodded her head.

Liu Buyan then recovered from shock that this beautiful lady was a married woman and on seeing Huang Yueli nod her head, his heart started to quieten down.

Although this young lass was so young and had a fianc, this was really out of ones expectations which increased the variations in uncertainty during his process of wooing her.

But at least the good news was, she and her fianc were betrothed prenatally! That also meant that their marriage arrangement was totally out of the elder generations arrangements, purely the type which was similar to drive the ducks onto the perch so there probably werent much feelings between the both of them.

Towards this Liu Buyan was very sure of it. Because Huang Yueli had mentioned this earlier, that her fiancs body was very weak and had sustained ten over years of illness. Moreover from her tone, her fiancs illness was getting more and more serious by the day and if this continued, it would bode more ill meanings than positive signs!

This kind of man, what abilities did he have? No matter how good his innate talent was, to have such a serious illness, his cultivation would probably not be any higher.

Whereas how about this young lass? Her innate talent was exceeding and her ability was outstanding, with both beauty and brains. For a young lady like her, how could she possibly be willing to marry a fianc with that kind of illness?

From this, one could tell that the young lass was probably doing it out of morality, feeling that she should take care of her seriously ill fianc, so she chose to stay with him instead of rejecting the marriage.

There were really not many young ladies who had both affection and faith and this made Liu Buyans evaluation towards Huang Yueli raised another notch.

Huang Yeuli totally didnt know that in such a short span of time, Liu Buyans brain had been nourished with so many thoughts and it was totally not fitting the truth.

She only had one question in her mind, When are you free to help my fianc do the consultation? We have a full set of culinary equipment in our kitchen so just arrange a time and when before you drop by, I can prepare the things in advance. Ill make a few more dishes for you to taste in our home and after that, you can help him do the consultation!

Huang Yueli looked at Liu Buyan with ardent hope and expectation, feeling that her plan was extremely perfect!