Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265 Youre Engaged?? 4

Chapter 1265: Youre engaged?? (4)
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Huang Yueli asked in puzzlement, Divine Doctor Liu, Divine Doctor Liu, whats the matter with you?

She suddenly became apprehensive, not knowing why had Liu Buyan turned so agitated the minute he heard Li Moyings name?

She heard Li Moying mentioned this previously that he didnt like Liu Buyan but Huang Yueli assumed that it was because of Liu Buyans violent ways of treatment. She heard that Li Moying was only seven or eight years old when he was being treated by Liu Buyan, so it was no wonder that he would be traumatised.

But now, seeing Liu Buyans unpleasant complexion. Did it mean that the both of them had a serious friction?

Huang Yueli had not considered the fact that Liu Buyan knew about Li Moyings past identity.

Because Li Moying himself didnt knew who he was and no one beside him knew his identity. So how would Liu Buyan possibly knew?

Moreover, Liu Buyan and Mu Chengying had already turned from friends to does. From Liu Buyans stance previously, he couldnt wait to see Mu Chengying die! If he were to find out that Li Moying was Mu Chengying, would he still try to cure him? Apparently not possible!

In actual fact, Huang Yuelis thinking was totally wrong this time.

Liu Buyans understanding towards Li Moying had exceeded her imagination. Furthermore he even knew more than what she knew!

He clenched his teeth as various thoughts flew past his mind.

But most of all, was a kind of indescribable jealousy and hatred!

That year, he was short of a step in confessing to Huang Yueli and could only see her walk into Mu Chengyings embrace. He chose to give up, but Mu Chengying wasnt even able to protect that lady!

After Huang Yueli died, Liu Buyan had a huge fight with Mu Chengying and Mu Chengying also made a bold decision. To stake all in one throw!

But he ultimately still failed.

From then on, Huang Yuelis spirit completely disappeared, entering an eternity of non-reincarnation whereas Mu Chengying adopted another form of living.

Even though Mu Chengying failed, but this made Liu Buyans hatred towards him lessen by quite a lot so he continued to treat the reincarnated Mu Chengying.

But Liu Buyan knew that he and this Li Moying, would never be friends again.

Luckily, Li Moying didnt had any past lifes memories so the both of them were just strangers in this world, which was the best ending.

But Liu Buyan had not imagined that Li Moying would have a fiance, and he actually really got engaged!

How could he do this? Where had he placed that person who died fourteen years ago? Had he completely forgotten about it all? Even though he knew that Li Moying had no past lifes memories, but Liu Buyan couldnt accept that he actually got engaged with someone else!

Furthermore, his engagement partner, was coincidentally the girl who he liked..

When Liu Buyan thought of this, various complicated emotions started to surge as he couldnt control himself and stood up from his seat.

Huang Yueli had a huge shock as she asked, Divine Doctor Liu, you whats the matter with you? Had my fianc offended you?

Liu Buyan trembled as he turned his eyes back onto Huang Yueli.

The young lady before him bit her lips lightly, as her brows were creased, looking extremely apprehensive.

She was so innocent, not knowing anything at all, and not knowing that her fianc was a cruel and unscrupulous fellow! He wasnt worthy of her!

Liu Buyan spoke out, Miss Bai, do you know that Li Moying, he actually