Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266 Youre Engaged?? 5

Chapter 1266: Youre engaged?? (5)
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Liu Buyans words were by the side of his mouth, when he suddenly stopped.

The young lady didnt know anything at all. She was doing it out of moral obligations, to take care of her severely ill fianc only.

How would he be so cruel, to tell her the cruel truth? Furthermore, she probably wouldnt believe him, so why take the trouble?

Huang Yueli frowned as she continued to ask, Divine Doctor Liu, what are you trying to say? Why are you suddenly. acting so strangely?

Liu Buyans thoughts flew by quickly, Miss Bai, Im afraid that youd be cheated by a scum and be hurt by him! Do you know that he, Li Moying is the famous handsome male in the South Sky Region and the number of women beside him are just too many. Not to mention that your Sect Masters daughter Murong Fei, had always been by his side no matter where he went. Other people only consider Murong Fei as his fiance, and dont know who you are! Together with a Casanova, you wont have any good ending!

Liu Buyan gathered all the recent gossip that he heard around Celestial Light Sect and gave a plausible reason which sounded like it was true.

When Huang Yueli heard that, the creases on her forehead started to loosen as she laughed, Divine Doctor Liu, youre so concerned about me because you treat me like a friend?

Liu Buyan hurriedly explained, Thats right. To be frank, Ive met so many ladies and only the food that you cook tastes the best. In order to be able to try your cooking anytime, I am willing to be your friend!

Huang Yueli laughed as she said, Its my pleasure to be friends with Divine Doctor Liu. But you are really thinking too much. My relationship with Li Moying is great. Regarding the matter between him and Murong Fei, thats just a story with no fact spread by others. Rumours with no basis will be stopped by intelligent people so you need not mind too much over it.

Liu Buyans heart was raging unceasingly as he really wanted to tell her that those rumours were really nothing. None of the rumours described just how much of a scumbag was Li Moying this fellow!

However, he still endured it.

Alright, I understand your meaning now. You dont need to worry, I will go and help your. friend to do consultation. But you might need to wait a little while more. Beside this I suddenly recalled that Ive already arranged a meeting with someone else to do consultation at another place tonight. Now that its quite late, I have to be on my way. Furthermore, I wont be able to make it back on time tomorrow so I wont be dropping by your side to have a meal.

Liu Buyan was distracted as his thoughts were in turmoil. He didnt want to continue staying in front of Huang Yueli otherwise he would definitely give the game away.

So he could only find a reason to quickly leave.

Although Huang Yueli felt that his actions were abnormal, but she didnt ask too much and only replied, Alright, then we shall arrange another time to meet. But please do put aside some time soon. I feel that Moyings condition is worsening by the minute and it cannot be dragged on any longer..

Liu Buyan heard that all she was worried about was Li Moying as he got even more frustrated.

He half-heartedly nodded his head and waved casually then as though he was fleeing, he quickly left the small town.

Huang Yueli saw his departing figure as she frowned.

During night time, when Huang Yueli returned to Li Moyings courtyard, she continued to think back about what happened in the afternoon.

Li Moying had gone out to another place to deal with some matters in the day and in order not to be separated with his little fiance, he hurried back through the night.

He toiled for long hours and was travel-worn by the time he reached back. His hair was slightly dispersed and a lock of his jet black hair had fallen to the front of his forehead. His face still bore the signs of frost as his thin lips curled upwards with a smirk of lazy smile, giving off an exclusive mans charm.

He walked towards Huang Yuelis back as he wrapped his hands around her slender waist.