Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268 Li Moying Gets Jealous 2

Chapter 1268: Li Moying gets jealous (2)
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She was afraid that Li Moying would cover up about his illness but now this same sentence was thrown back by Li Moying to herself.

She replied helplessly, Actually actually there wasnt anything. Just ughh, I met an acquaintance while drinking tea alone this afternoon.

Li Moyings instincts told him that something was wrong as he pursued for an answer, Acquaintance? Who?

Huang Yueli hesitated for a moment, Emm, hes. hes Liu Buyan..

The minute she said that, she instantly felt Li Moyings body turning stiff as the arm embracing her loosened slightly.

Following that, Li Moyings voice was heard above her head and this time round, it wasnt as gentle as before. Instead there was a tinge of bitter cold to it.

Id never expected that this fellow actually found his way here! Didnt you say you dont have any relations with him? Why did you still talk to him??

Huang Yueli knew that he definitely wouldnt be happy but she had not expected that his jealousy was so obvious to the fact that she could even smell the sour smell from eight hundred miles away.

She helplessly replied, Dont be like this. I indeed dont have any relation with him. We are merely acquainted but he had after all saved my life so when we meet, how can I not even say hello?

So what if he saved you? Dont tell me when he helps other people do consultation, he doesnt accept consultation fees? Speaking of that, Li Moying suddenly recalled a question which he had neglected for a long time. He suddenly had a bad feeling, Thats right, I havent had the chance to ask you. Previously why did Liu Buyan treat you? He isnt those kind who could be bribed with a little spirit stones, what did he ask you to help him do??

Huang Yueli totally didnt expected him to bring up this matter as she was stunned.

Ah? This. about this..

If she were to tell him that Liu Buyan asked her to accompany him for seven days, wouldnt Li Moying go mad from anger??

What on earth did he make you do? The more Huang Yueli hesitated, the more suspicious Li Moying got as he insisted on finding the answer!

Huang Yueli started sprouting cold sweat on her forehead as she felt embarrassed to the max. She obviously hadnt done anything so why did she suddenly felt so guilty?

Li Moying stretched out his hand to hold up her face as he forcefully raised her head to look at him.

Four eyes were exchanging looks and Huang Yueli was stared intently by that pitch black eyes till her heart started pounding wildly, almost not being able to breath.

You. what is that attitude? Dont tell me you suspect that I have something going on with him? If you dont trust me then just ignore me!

Huang Yueli glowered at him as she pamperedly and arrogantly turned her head over.

Although Li Moying looked aggressive and was unexcelled in the world, but in actual fact he was just a paper tiger in front of Huang Yueli. On seeing his little lass getting angry, his fire immediately extinguished.

Dont Lier, dont be angry. I dont mean it in that way. I was only alright, I only feel that Liu Buyan that fellow had something for you! I suspect he has ulterior motives towards you!

Huang Yueli looked at him shockingly as she almost laughed out in anger, What nonsense are you talking about? How could Liu Buyan have any ulterior motives on me? Let me tell you then. The last time I was saved by him, he indeed wanted me to stay in his residence to accompany him for a few days..

Hearing that, Li Moyings expression turned extremely gloomy as the arm holding on to her uncontrollably tightened its restrain.

Huang Yueli was in pain by his action as she pushed his chest hard, in an attempt to push him aside.