Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1269

Chapter 1269 Li Moying Gets Jealous 3

Chapter 1269: Li Moying gets jealous (3)
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What tantrum are you throwing again? Let me go mmph!

Her objections were being blocked by an urgent kiss.

Li Moyings kiss was very sudden and Huang Yueli originally wanted to push him aside but she hesitated for a moment but later she put her arm around his neck and proactively deepened this kiss.

Actually she could also feel Li Moyings anxiety from his inner heart.

This was probably because she had previously rejected him repeatedly and it could also possibly be the shadows left behind in their past lives. So in conclusion, he had always been fearing that she would leave him.

Although Huang Yueli sometimes was frustrated over the fact that her fianc was a little too sticky, but after thinking through, she felt that Li Moying was so restless because of her so she had always been accommodating to him to use actual actions to tell him that towards him, she would never leave or abandon him, always placing him in first place.

As the young lady in his arms was extremely obedient, Li Moyings uneasiness in his heart was soon placated. His urging kisses slowly turned gentle and the ambiguity slowly upgraded.

Upon feeling Li Moyings palm moving up from her slender waist, Huang Yueli immediately pushed him.

Li Moyings hand stopped as he loosened her in a fluster and even pushed her aside.

He quickly walked to the tea set and poured a cup of tea as he downed it.

Huang Yueli touched her lips which were kissed till it turned red as she threw him a humorous smile while watching his action.

Li Moying had always been insistent that he must recover his memories and officially marry her before they take their relationship to the next step.

Huang Yueli knew that on one hand this was the respect he had towards her and on the other hand, it was because he had not been able to marry her in their past lives so this became an obsession in this mans heart..

But as Li Moying liked to tangle himself around her, kissing her whenever he got the chance so it also led to his utmost suffering.

The tea on the table was brewed in the afternoon and by now it was already icy cold. Li Moying drank the entire pot with great effort before he finally cooled down the fire within him.

By the time he put down the teacup and turned round, he saw his little fox propping up her cheeks as she beamed at him in a relaxed and contented expression.

Li Moyings eyes turned chilly as he gave a cold harrumph.

Huang Yueli saw that he was still behaving in a pampered and arrogant manner so she walked over and proactively hugged his slender waist.

What on earth are you angry about? You got suspicious of me for no reason, so the person who should be angry should be me alright? Dont tell me you feel that Im those kind of fickle-minded woman?

Huang Yueli raised her head as she looked down towards him and pouted.

Li Moying was most afraid of her being unhappy so no matter how uncomfortable he was feeling inside, he barely managed to hiss out a sentence from the slits of his teeth, Im not angry!

This was called not angry!

Huang Yueli couldnt help but burst out giggling and afterwards, she wasnt surprised to see that Li Moyings face had turned even darker.

She hurriedly replied, Alright, will you listen to whatever I have to say first alright? I

M telling you, Li Buyan has someone in his heart and moreover he has liked this person for a long time. I also dont know why they got separated but Liu Buyan often thinks of the person through an object so obviously his feelings for her are very deep. Furthermore, although he asked me to accompany him for a few days, but he didnt do anything off the scale. He just made me play the zither for him so Im guessing the person he likes knows how to play the zither very well?

She was afraid that Li Moying would misunderstand again so she explained really quickly and she just uttered everything at one go while blinking her big, watery eyes looking innocently at her own fianc.