Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Deserving To Be Called His Highness The Crown Prince
Chapter 127 Deserving to be called His Highness the Crown Prince!

Although the third floors buyer continued to be hesitant, in the end they still bidded.

Moreover, it was quite clear that they did not have enough funds. Each time they raised the price, it would only be by ten thousand.

When you compared the two, the calls made by the Crown Prince were far more grand sounding. Everytime he called out, he would add one hundred thousand silvers each time. To those listening to his calls, they couldnt help but become tongue tied as they directed strange gazes towards him.

Proudly the Crown Prince raised his head. In this moment, he felt that he had regained some of his lost ego earlier today.

This also allowed him to show this bunch of country bumpkins how true wealthy people auctioned! With the backing of the Royal Treasury and the inside information of the Royal Household, his platform was on another level compared to those rich merchants!

It was only Bai Ruo Qi who sat beside him that sensed something off. Her face was exceptionally pale.

The prices the Crown Prince were calling out, were gradually becoming more and more excessive. Could it be thatdue to the noise earlier, he did not hear Manager Suns words?

The more Bai Ruo Qi pondered, the more she felt that this could truly be the case. Unfortunately, she had no method to stop the Crown Prince.

..Two million ten thousand!

Listening to the dithering from the third level again, he raised his eyebrows and said: Bidding so obnoxiously and hesitantly, when will you end such a farce? Be straightforward and directly quote a value! I will..

Tugging on the Crown Princes clothes as if her life depended on it, Bai Ruo Qi attempted to stop the Crown Princes next words.

Your.Your Highness Crown Prince, wait a moment..I ask you to please wait a moment ah..

At the moment, Bai Ruo Qi really wished she could shout out loudly: Manager Sun had just announced that this profound armor set was not sold by silver coins, but by gold coins!

The current set price was ten times the amount of the normal price!

Calling out bids like these, you will definitely regret it later!

But to see the profound armament he dreamed for about to land within his grasp and at such a bargain deal, it was like a meat pie falling from the heavens!

The Crown Princes eyes had long turned red from the excitement. He was unable to pay any attention to Bai Ruo Qis words.

All this while, he felt that this women was constantly annoying him with her buzzing in attempts to gain his attention.

Didnt they all say that the Bai Familys Second Miss was cold and arrogant? Why does she lack the foresight and continue to act like a spoilt child at such a critical juncture? Wasnt this delaying a mans important business?

Eyes filled with intolerance, he glared at her whilst forcibly shaking her off.

Due to the sudden loss of support, Bai Ruo Qi was sent falling to the ground.

The Crown Prince failed to give any concern except an impatient statement: One pricethree million! How is that? Do you dare follow?

After those words, he sent a provocative comment towards the guests on the third floor.

This time, the third floor guests did not follow.

Three million once! Three million twice! Three million thrice! Bid successful!

Beaming with smiles, Manager Sun confirmed this three times for declaring the successfully deal for the profound armor set.

With the auction of all treasures, this years annual auction had successfully come to a close.

Once the Crown Prince heard Manager Suns confirmation, unable to wait any longer he stood up and rushed towards the inner courtyard of Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

Clutching his purse, he was quite impatient to obtain the quality profound armament of his dreams!

Once he obtained it, he definitely would be able to become a official disciple of the Heavenly Body Sect. Furthermore, this was such a bargain purchase for this profound armament set. He really earned such a large profit today!

When the Crown Prince stood, every guest turned their faces to give him expressions of shock and envy.

Its no wonder hes the Crown Prince! Such a grand style!

For such quality goods, its only exceptional talents like His Highness the Crown Prince can match them!

Really makes one envious! You cant compare between people!

With those types of gazes, those discussions, the Crown Prince felt further delighted and elated.