Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1270

Chapter 1270 Li Moying Gets Jealous 4

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Li Moying listened to her explanation but he felt that things couldnt be that simple. However, on knowing that Liu Buyan had not done anything too offending, he felt slightly better.

Plus the fact that Huang Yueli used that kind of doleful eyes on him, no matter how unhappy he was, he had no way of directing his anger at her.

He gave a light humpf and said, Anyway, dont get in touch with him. Even if he really has someone who he likes, but hes also not able to be together with her isnt it? Perhaps he might just shift his affections and fall in love with you instead?

Huang Yueli was amused, How could that be possible? Who do you think I am, what kind of woman had Divine Doctor Liu not seen before. Even if he wanted to shift his affections, there are so many women who are willing to be with him, why would he be interested in me? You are the only one who likes me so much!

When Li Moying heard that, he lowered his head and lightly caressed her face, Youre absolutely right, Im the person who likes you the most then how about you towards me?

He still had this feeling that towards a young lady like his little fox, which man wouldnt be interested? So what if Liu Buyan was the number one Divine Doctor? If he really had no interest in Huang Yueli, why would he come looking for her so many times?

But he had no intention to continue with this question. Anyway Lier was obviously not interested in Liu Buyan so as long as she didnt give him any chances to go near her, everything should be alright.

I.. Huang Yueli heard such an ambiguous question as her face immediately surfaced a shade of pink.

Li Moying gave a deep laugh and just as he was about to say something else to tease her, Huang Yueli suddenly popped out a sentence, Thats right, I have another matter to tell you. Today when I was chatting with Liu Buyan, we mentioned about your Soul Detachment Illness. Ive already got him to agree to come to Celestial Light Sect to do a consultation for you when hes free.

Li Moying went into a blank, What did you say?

Huang Yueli pulled his hand as she put on a worried look, I know you dont like Liu Buyan but it is undeniable that his medical skills are indeed the best in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent. Your Soul Detachment Illness is getting worse every single time it acts up and Im really worried, so wont you let him to come take a look?

Li Moyings expression sunk even deeper and this time, he actually brushed aside Huang Yuelis hand.

Impossible, I rather die of sickness than to allow him to do another consultation for me!

Huang Yuelis eyes widened like full moons,Wh. Why? Can you stop being so childish? Its no good to hide a sickness for fear of treatment! Do you know that every single time your illness acts up, how heartbroken I am? Brother Mo Yi and the rest are very worried as well! For me, cant you just put aside your prejudice and let Liu Buyan take a look?

Li Moyings face was gloomy as he spoke icily, I know my own body best! If Liu Buyan could cure my illness, he would have done so ten years ago so why wait till today? Hes indeed helpless! Moreover, every single time my illness acts up, it was all because of some agitation. Now that youre by my side, even if its a full moons night, my illness can be controlled. In future it will slowly get better so why do we still need to look for him?

Huang Yueli didnt expected that he would be so stubborn as she was so angry that she stomped her feet.

You. why are you like this! This is totally a different matter alright? Although on the surface it looks as though when Im by your side, your illness doesnt act up. But in actual fact, your Soul Detachment Illness totally isnt getting any better! If one day Im not beside you and if your illness acts up, it will be much more serious than now!