Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1271

Chapter 1271 Li Moying Gets Jealous 5

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When Li Moying heard that, his glare became extremely scary as he shot up and grabbed Huang Yuelis wrist with force.

You what do you mean? Dont tell me youre still thinking of leaving me?

Huang Yueli was in pain by his clutch as she started to struggle, Let go of me. I never said that Im going to leave you. Im just saying. IF! IF, do you understand or not?

Li Moying saw her struggles but he still clasped on to her hand tightly.

What IF? If there are any ifs, Id rather die than let you leave me! If something like what happened in our past life happens again, I will immediately accompany you to leave this world, so I dont care if it acts up or not!

Huang Yueli was in so much pain that her bones were about to be broken as she spoke teary eyes, You let go of me first!

Im not letting go!

You youre causing my hand to be in a lot of pain!

Li Moying then realised it and hurriedly loosened his hand. On seeing Huang Yueli touching the position where her shoulder had been pinched in a pitiful look, he immediately became regretful.

Lier, Im sorry, I didnt mean it

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him as she didnt talk.

Li Moying suddenly went upwards and swept her off her feet as he carried her.

Huang Yueli almost lost balance and immediately hugged his neck as she shouted, What are you doing? Let me down!

Li Moying put her down on the bed as he stretched out her hand to unclasp the hook in front of her chest.

Huang Yuelis face immediately turned green as she started twisting her body while struggling, I. Im warning you, Li Moying! Dont you dare to.. use the handsome male trick upon disagreement! Thats useless! Today you have to listen to me. yi??

Li Moying pulled off her outer shirt but didnt continue to undress her any further. Instead he frowned when he looked at the blue black bruises on her shoulder which had been pinched by him.

Huang Yueli saw that there was a chance to exploit him and immediately shrank her shoulder while acting pitiful. At the same time she used an accusative glare to look at him.

Li Moying naturally was feeling heart pain but his face remained cold. However the actions of his hands were extremely gentle as he retrieved a bottle of ointment from the beside and gently applied it for her.

Huang Yueli took a glance at it to discover that this was a bottle of sixth tier Amethyst Jade Hibiscus Ointment which could aid in growing flesh or joined bones, or reconstruct meridians. This was a spiritual medication which could make heavily injured practitioners revive from the brink of death but now it was being used to treat a small bruise on her..

This man was really too jittery..

Huang Yuelis heart turned warm and just as Li Moying was about to leave after applying the ointment, she tugged his sleeve as she used an extremely gentle and soft tone, Moying. please, will you listen to me? Alright?

Not alright! Li Moying swept her a profound glance, If youre really afraid that I will lose my life because of my illness, then why dont you stick close to me, not leaving even one step. In this way, nothing will happen to me. Very simple isnt it?

Where on earth was this simple??

Huang Yueli suddenly felt annoyed again.

No matter how loving the couple was, surely there was no reason for them to stick to one another from day to night wasnt it?

Moreover speaking, how could plans ever be able to chase up to changes. With a hidden illness on Li Moying, no one can tell when it would act up! Rather than being in constant fear every day, it was much better to treat the illness at one go. Even if he was unable to be cured, at least they had made an effort right?

But Li Moying apparently didnt think so.

Even though Huang Yueli coaxed and pestered him for half a day, he still refused to relent.