Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1274

Chapter 1274 Their First Cold War 2

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Everyone tucked their tails in properly.

Indeed as expected, from that day onwards, Li Moying resumed his normal severe and aloof nature. Almost all the Shadow Guards around him were blasted by him and momentarily all of them were feeling precarious as they wanted to cry but had no tears.

Everyone went to look for Mo Yi for help, hoping that he could work from Huang Yuelis side to stop the quarrel.

Mo Yi naturally was duty bound because Li Moying was now a raging dragon. No one dared to pull his tigers whiskers. But although Huang Yueli also put up a cold face, but she was still courteous to the Shadow Guards, not directing her anger on them.

Third Miss, Mo Er was punished by Master again yesterday and Mo San..

The minute Mo Yi opened his mouth, Huang Yueli already knew what he wanted to talk about.

But meeting his hopeful eyes, she set her heart to reject him, Brother Mo Yi, you should know that Im not someone who kicks up a fuss over nothing. It really is because Li Moying is too much so I definitely will not give way so please go back!

Mo Yi saw that acting pitiful couldnt help so he immediately switched a way, Third Miss, you understand Master well. His character is just too hard and not refusing to submit but his heart absolutely places you in number one place! Actually these few days, he will ask me over to check in detail regarding your daily activities. When he heard that youve taken one mouthful less of food, his heart ached for the entire day! Whereas without you by his side, he often forgets to eat and he doesnt sleep well at night too. I can tell that his spirit is getting worse, surely his illness is not going to act up again right..

When Huang Yueli heard that, her heart started to ache.

In actual fact, she had already noticed every single time Li Moying looked for Mo Yi and she also discovered that Li Moying would sneak into the room in the middle of the night to help her put on the blanket and sometimes even kissing her secretly. No matter how tough this man was, he still loved her dearly..

Furthermore Li Moyings body hadnt been very good. Every single time his illness acted up, it brought along a serious liability. Their quarrel was actually regarding his health but if it caused his Soul Detachment Illness to act up, wouldnt that be stressing the incidental over the fundamental?

Sigh, this man just wanted his face and was unable to put it down forget it, who asked her to like him so she shall give him a stage to step down!

Huang Yueli thought for some time and finally nodded her head, I know already. Dont worry, I will go see him tonight.

When Shadow Guards got wind of this news, all of them were overjoyed feeling that they were about to escape from the abyss of suffering, finally being saved!

That night, Huang Yueli boiled a bowl of nourishing soup personally as she knocked on Li Moyings study rooms door.

Who is it? Havent I said this earlier that no one is allowed to come and disturb me? Are you tired of living??

Li Moyings mellow harsh howl was heard from the study room and it was accompanied with something dropping and smashing on the ground.

Huang Yueli pursed her lips as she said meekly, Its me..

Her words had just stopped when the room immediately turned silent. Li Moying didnt say a word and no one knew what he was doing.

Huang Yueli waited for a little while before she pushed the door open.

On the ground of the study room was filled with shattered pieces. The ceramic flower pot which was previously on Li Moyings study table was missing, apparently smashed to pieces by him.

Huang Yueli couldnt help but feel the pinch. Although that antique ceramic flower pot lines in gold wasnt any Profound Armament but that was an antique which had been passed down from ancient times and had a long history, which made it extremely valuable!

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This man was acting a little too much like a wastrel!

Huang Yueli carried the bowl of hot soup as she slowly walked towards Li Moying.

Li Moying intentionally shut his eyes, not looking at her and ignoring her.

Huang Yueli left the serving tray on the table and her footsteps stopped without any sound.

Li Moyings eyes were shut and he felt a little strange that the surroundings had quietened down.

Initially he was determined not to open his eyes as he leaned against the back of the chair, pretending to be dead. But after a while more, there still wasnt any movements and he was worried that something had happened to Huang Yueli so he hurriedly opened his eyes.

In the end, Huang Yuelis magnified face suddenly appeared in front of his eyes giving him a huge shock.


Li Moying just opened his mouth when Huang Yueli placed a finger on his lips, stopping him from saying anything else.

I heard from Mo Er that you havent had dinner, arent you hungry? Huang Yueli turned her head into an angle as she looked at him and asked.

Li Moying held on to her wrist as he shifted her finger aside and said, Im hungry.

To be frank, he was indeed very hungry but he was in no mood to have his dinner so naturally he didnt feel hungry. But the moment Huang Yueli brought in the soup through the door, Li Moying immediately felt his hunger.

Huang Yuelis culinary skills had always been top notch and this time in order to successfully reconcile with Li Moying, she specially made her speciality as she expended an entire days effort to brew the soup. Under all the hopeful eyes of the Shadow Guards, she entered the study room.

So this soup tasted exceptionally great.

Huang Yueli personally brought the soup to him, Then drink a little. I heard that you had been sleeping in the study room recently and this is too damaging to your body so Ive specially made you some soup.

Li Moying thought that Huang Yueli would continue with the quarrel until the end of time and had not expected her to initiate her goodwill so in this way, he started to feel guilty over this.

He stretched out his hand to touch Huang Yuelis face as he said softly, I Im alright. Thank you for being so concerned about me. These few days. Im in the wrong so dont be angry with me already, alright?

Huang Yuelis eyeballs rotated. The minute Li Moying started to coax her, her pampered-ness and arrogance started to act up, You also know that youre in the wrong? You actually dont admit to your mistake proactively and even throwing a tantrum daily. How many cups had been smashed by you recently? No matter how rich you are, you cannot be such a wastrel! You even made me worried!

Seeing his little fox puffed up her cheeks in an angry look, Li Moyings anger extinguished totally and could only raise his four limbs to surrender.

Alright Lier, its my fault. Its all my fault. I guarantee that I wont be wasteful from now on and I will not make you worry. Stop being angry with me, if you continue to be angry, youll turn ugly..

Youre the one who will turn ugly! Huang Yueli retorted angrily, Ill become prettier by the day!

Li Moying realised that he said the wrong thing again as he hurriedly changed his words, Yes, my Lier is most beautiful and if I dont see you, I miss you so much that I have no mood to eat and turn ugly from hunger..

Huang Yueli stared at his face for quite some time to discover that he indeed became thinner, apparently suffering from serious mental torture.

She sighed in her heart. In actual fact she realised that from their past life, this man had always had this temper so they had their moments of arguments during their past lives.

Only then, she was rather young and impetuous and plus the fact that she hadnt gone through much setbacks and she was still the Young Priestess who was clamoured by the masses, so naturally her temper wasnt good at all.

For example, doing things to initiate goodwill like today was something which she would never do in her past life.