Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277 Their First Cold War 5

Chapter 1277: Their first cold war (5)
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If he were to owe his love rival a favour then how was he going to deal with Liu Buyan in an underhanded method in future?

Huang Yueli didnt knew that he was so easily jealous to such an extent, with so much absurd considerations.

She only knew that Li Moying this man was just too difficult to deal with! She had already lowered herself to please him and yet he didnt appreciate it! He was simply too much!

She also had her own pride alright? She wouldnt lower herself to beg him and for her to initiate sending him soup was a huge step back. Why cant Li Moying also take one step back to satisfy her request?

This was a win-win situation for them, wasnt it?

The more Huang Yueli thought, the angrier she got as she questioned, So no matter what I say, you will not receive a consultation, is that right?

Li Moying looked at her icy cold side face as his heart suddenly jumped.

Actually he himself wasnt too sure. Although a mans pride was important, but if Huang Yueli really ignored him, then his pride would only meet ghosts! But they hadnt gone to this step yet so he absolutely would not show this. Otherwise his position in the house would really be unimportant

So Li Moying braced himself as he said, Saying all these are of no use. Ive already decided on it and no one can change my mind, including you!

Huang Yueli was hurt by this sentence. She raised her head and gave him a cold stare as she lightly spat out the words, Very good!

Saying that she turned around and left the study room.

It was until now that Li Moying realised that things were in bad shape and after going into a blank for a short moment, he chased after her.

But Huang Yuelis speed was equivalently fast so by this time she had already returned to the bedroom and immediately locked the door and activated the mechanism.

Li Moying knocked hard on the door from outside, Lier, dont be angry. Im in the wrong, will you please open the door first?

However Huang Yueli refused to bother about him as she hid in the room to sulk.

Li Moying called out again, Regarding.. the matter about the consultation, theres still some room for discussion. Im just. just not mentally prepared. Will you give me some time to consider? I didnt say that. .I definitely wont be consulted..

Hearing that, Huang Yuelis icy cold voice was heard, Oh? Really? Havent you said this earlier that you definitely wont go? Why is it that youre saying that you didnt say this?

I. I dont mean it in that way. Its just.. something I said in a moment of anger.

Li Moying was tongue tied as he tried hard to explain.

By this time, he realised that having an intelligent and powerful fiance really was a twisted thing. Usually when she was with him abusing the dregs, it felt really good and when they displayed their love, it felt very sweet. But when he couldnt win her in an argument, that became very bitter.

But no matter what, at this point of time, other than begging for mercy, he didnt have any other choice.

Lier, I havent been using my brain when I talked earlier. Its probably due to the fact that I didnt have enough sleep so can you not take it against me? Please have some pity on me and open the door..

Not opening. Anyway I will be inviting Liu Buyan over these two days and after he has given you a consultation and you accommodating to his treatment then I will forgive you.

Li Moying was totally helpless, feeling that he had moved the rock over to smash on his own feet.

If he knew that the ultimate ending was still him giving in, he should have agreed to it right from the start. Now not only did he needed to see that disgusting Liu Buyans face, the quarrel between him and Lier had worsen..