Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1278

Chapter 1278 Their First Cold War 6

Chapter 1278: Their first cold war (6)
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Li Moying stood at the door for quite some time but Huang Yueli still hadnt opened the door for him so he could only leave gloomily.

It wasnt that he didnt want to break into the room but the mechanisms in his house had all been modified by Huang Yueli to increase the safety notch.

Usually the mechanisms in the house to him as Master of the house was naturally not fortified but now that Huang Yueli got angry and shut him outside, he then discovered that he was powerless against these mechanisms.

Having such an intelligent fiance, to a man, was a huge challenge..

Shadow Guards all hid in the darkness and spied on them for a long time.

They originally thought that Third Miss would definitely reconcile with their Master but they didnt expect that the both of them started quarrelling again.

Mo Er gave Mo Yi a glance, Eldest Brother, what should we do next?

Mo Yi was extremely helpless too. He really didnt expect that his own Masters EQ would be so low to such an extent!

But thinking of it, it seemed that Li Moying was a man who got whatever he wanted since young and no one had ever dared to defy his wishes so his character was originally strong and overbearing. Plus the fact that he was so handsome looking, when ladies saw him, all of them were like houseflies which saw flesh, no matter how he tried to chase them away. So if he understood how to coax woman would really be something strange!

Ai, I have no idea too. But I can tell that in front of Third Miss, Master can only admit defeat. I think we had better stop worrying over nothing. Just endure with it for now. When Master goes to find Third Miss to beg for her forgiveness, then everything should be alright..

Eldest Brother, I feel that your words cannot be trusted! What kind of person is Master, would he really go beg Third Miss? Wouldnt the sun will rise from the west side?

Mo Yi only said, Up to you to believe or not, just wait and see!

Saying that, he waved his hand, Lets all disperse now. Those on duty hurry on and go. Master is now infuriated so everyone better keep your skin on tightly.

This night, Li Moying tossed and turned restlessly in bed.

If someone told him one year ago that he would go head over heels over a woman to this state, even to the fact that just quarrelling over a few words made him unable to sleep, he would absolutely not believe in such a thing.

Not only would be not believed it, he might possibly even laugh out loudly.

There were so many ladies around him and he didnt feel anything for them. That went to show that he was totally emotionless towards the opposite gender, so why would he be distraught with anxiety over a woman?

However, he had indeed put all his thoughts onto Huang Yueli now.

It hadnt been easy for him to survive until dawn broke. Li Moying rushed to the bedroom door as he wishfully waited for Huang Yueli to get out from bed to have her breakfast.

But the room door remained tightly shut.

Mo Yi bowed in front of him as he conveyed Huang Yuelis instructions, Master, Third Miss said she will be going into closed door cultivation today and will not be meeting anyone. So will you please put yourself at ease and at the same time, get mentally prepared for the consultation..

Li Moyings eyes looked as though he was about to spew out fire as he stared viciously at Mo Yi.

Mo Yis heard was apprehensive but he could only lower his head not making a sound. He was very sure that no matter how angry Li Moying was, he couldnt possibly deal with him now. After all, he was now one of Third Misss subordinates..

At the same time, thinking of those miserable days which Mo Er and the others had been leading recently, Mo Yi was extremely glad that his Master had given him to Third Miss.

Indeed, after Li Moying stared at him for a while more, he was totally helpless as he could only rushed out angrily.

His mood was vile to the extreme and he left swiftly.