Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279 Love Rivals Meet 1

Chapter 1279: Love rivals meet (1)
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Those Celestial Light Sect disciples who passed by didnt dared to offend him.

But halfway on his route, someone blocked his way.

Li Moying, we havent met for so many years and youre still bearing that disgusted look! A voice bearing ridicule was heard from his left side.

Li Moyings footsteps halted as he frowned and turned back to take a look.

A clean cool figure dressed in a white robe appeared slowly from the left side of the forest. His good looking eyes and contour, as compared to Li Moying, wasnt inferior at all. The presence around his radiated into an even stronger aura an aura which belonged to a real ninth stage realm top expert!

Li Moyings pupils contracted and his expression suddenly turned grave.

Its you Li Buyan!

Liu Buyan walked near to him and he finally stopped around ten meters in front of him.

He didnt intentionally exercised restraint on his imposing manner because he knew his biggest advantage now was that his cultivation had far surpassed Li Moyings! This was the largest advantage which he didnt had in his past life!

Even though he was an Earth attributed practitioner and he wasnt as strong and overbearing as a thunder attributed practitioner but he was a genuine ninth stage realm practitioner so the moment he unleashed his grandeur around him, all those practitioners who had lower abilities than him had no choice but to bow their heads and submit to him!

Li Moyings shadow guards couldnt take this tremendous pressure as they all fell onto the ground.

Only Li Moying stood quietly on the original spot and his expression was as normal as usual, as though he wasnt affected by Li Buyan at all.

Two tall, handsome males were a mere distance from each other as they sized each other up.

The previous time they met, Liu Buyans expression was haggard, his thoughts seemed flustered as his mental condition wasnt very good at all. Whereas Li Moying was still a child with arrogance and outstanding innate talent but he was tortured by that strange illness.

The two of them werent in their best condition.

Today when they met again, the circumstances were totally different.

Li Moying finally met a genuine top rated experts imposing manner and potential. Even for a genius like him, he must exhaust all his energy to control himself from not lowering his head in front of Liu Buyans imposing manner!

Whereas Liu Buyan was indeed as what the rumours were, handsome and outstanding, with a mixed refined and elegant temperament. As compared to his power and overbearing manner filled with invasiveness, it was totally different which made him a unique kind of handsome male.

This raised the threat in Li Moyings heart to the highest point!

Whereas Liu Buyans glare became even more complicated.

The Li Moying in his eyes as compared to his past life was much younger and although his cultivation had weakened by quite a bit, but his biting cold inviolability imposing manner hadnt undergone much change. That good looking face was slightly different from his past life but that pair of peach blossom eyes hadnt changed at all. He was still able to sweep a young lady off her feet with just a gaze.

And this person. was still the same as his past life, he was still his love rival!

The minute he met Li Moying, Liu Buyan seemed as though he had seen Mu Chengying fourteen years ago and momentarily, all sorts of complicated feelings surged upwards and for a moment, he had a feeling as though he wanted to give up.

But he quickly regained his senses. This was not Mu Chengying from the past but Li Moying.

Now he wasnt the number one top expert in Soaring Heavens Continent, and not the Sect Master of Soaring Heavens Continents number one stronghold Blue Profound Sect, or even not even with a healthy body.

So he Liu Buyan was absolutely the one who had the greatest advantage.