Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1281

Chapter 1281 Love Rivals Meet 3

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Of course, Li Moying wasnt any ordinary person.

Liu Buyan knew that if it was fourteen years ago, Mu Chengying would absolutely not desert the woman he loved.

But today was different from then. Liu Buyan felt that Li Moying had not much feelings towards this fiance of his. After all, after having seen the peerless beauty Huang Yueli, they would probably thought other women were ordinary and plain.

Moreover, in the past Mu Chengying had no rivals under the heavens so he naturally had no worries but now, Liu Buyan was able to claim Li Moyings life anytime!

Under such circumstances, would he still be so insistent as in his past life?

Liu Buyan stared at Li Moyings face and he observed his expression without blinking, in the hope of seeing his wavering and hesitation.

However what made Liu Buyan disappointed was that there was no change in emotions on Li Moyings face and the latter indifferently asked, Didnt you say to give me two choices? Whats the other?

Liu Buyan coldly curled his lips. He, so he wasnt wavered because he wanted to know what other choice did he have?

Theres another choice which is to die! Anyway, as long as you die, Bai Ruoli will have no more fianc so as long as I stay by her side to comfort her, she will come into my embrace sooner or later!

After Li Moying heard that, he started laughing but the icy smile had not reached the depths of his eyes. Instead it revealed a shocking imposing manner.

Even for a ninth stage realm practitioner like Liu Buyan couldnt help but felt a chill running down his spine!

That kind of gaze made him felt as though he had seen Mu Chengying!

Li Moyings cold voice was heard, I understand your meaning but Id advise you to forget about it. I will absolutely not give Lier up! Shes mine forever! If you want my life then come on, but. if you think that Lier is such a superficial woman that after my death she will follow you, then its best that you stop your daydream soon!

Pausing for a moment, he continued, I still have my Sect affairs to deal with so my apologies for not sparing the time to bring Divine Doctor Liu around to take a look!

Saying that Li Moying had no mood to continue staying there as he directly turned around to leave.

Liu Buyan looked at his arrogant departing figure as he recalled the icy cold declaration earlier and his heart started to surge into a tremendous flame!

Such arrogant and overbearing attitude was exactly the same as in his past life!

But what right did he had to say that? And what capability did he base it on?

In his past life, he said that he would protect Huang Yueli forever, loving her and taking care of her but in the end? His words were still ringing in his ears when Huang Yueli had self-exploded in the Northern Ice Fields as she was attacked by multiple people. Not only were there no remains of her physical body, her soul had even scattered! At that moment, where was he?

After Huang Yueli died, he had once vowed that he would never had a change of heart forever but what about now? He had just reincarnated and he had totally forgotten about Huang Yueli. Furthermore, falling in love with another woman?

While he was expressing his loyalty towards Bai Ruoli, then where had he placed Huang Yueli who had died terribly?

Liu Buyans heart was surging with an unknown and unexplainable emotion as he recalled his many years of invisible tolerance and backing off resulted not only in losing a woman he likes, but also a brother who he valued the most!

It was until today, this time he would never give up no matter what!

Thinking of this, the Profound Energy within his body poured out uncontrollably as it shot towards Li Moyings direction!

Following Liu Buyans action, a bluster of Earth attributed Profound Qi started to gather around him.