Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1282

Chapter 1282 Love Rivals Meet 4

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The surrounding green leaves on the trees started to wither as though all their lives had been seized by him in one move!

Earth attributed profound qi had always been gentle but under Liu Buyans ninth stage realm cultivation drive, it exploded into a powerful attack!

Profound Energy started to attack Li Moying from his back as just as it was about to strike him, Li Moying suddenly turned around.

His wrist flipped and he was already holding on to the Amethyst Light Sword in his hand. The purple electric currents exploded in mid-air and a bolt of lightning descended from the sky splitting the heaven and earth!

Two powerful Profound Energy crashed in mid-air giving off an earth shattering intense sound as the ground trembled continuously while the trees in the surrounds were uprooted!

After the explosive sound ended, Li Moying and Liu Buyan both retreated off several steps as their eyes bore a shock and complication while exchanging gazes!

This was Li Moyings first time meeting such a powerful ninth stage realm expert! Although his Master, Murong De, was also in ninth stage realm, but as compared to Liu Buyan who had been an accomplished top rated expert with outstanding ability, there was still a huge disparity.

Li Moyings lips puckered up as he forcefully swallowed a mouthful of blood which surged up his throat!

His face remained aloof and calm as though the exchange earlier had not dealt him with a huge influence!

In front of his love rival, he absolutely could not express his weak side!

Whereas Liu Buyans shock couldnt even be described with mere words!

He already knew that in his past life, Mu Chengyings innate talent was extremely abnormal. Challenging an opponent crossing levels was as common as drinking water or having a meal. But as both of them were very good buddies, they only had a friendly exchange of hands and had never really used their full strength. So he only knew that Mu Chengying was much stronger than himself but had not known just how powerful he was!

It was until now, facing Li Moying. due to the fact that Li Moyings primordial spirit had a flaw, so his potential was at most around sixty to seventy percent from his past life. But even so, the current him in seventh stage realm actually was able to receive one strike of his which was filled with fury!

Even if Li Moyings nonchalance was acted out, that was enough to shock anyone as it was scary enough and simply had exceeded Liu Buyans imagination!

If he was able to improve even more and step into eight stage realm, then wouldnt he be able to officially go up evenly against him?

But in this case, wouldnt he be living under his shadow forever, and for this entire lifetime. He would only still see the young lady who he liked, falling into his embrace?

For that one moment, Liu Buyans heart arose a state of insanity. If he took the opportunity now while Li Moyings wings were still young, to kill him..

This thinking made his heart flustered as the Profound Energy around him kept fluctuating.

But in the end, he still couldnt do it!

The friendship which they once had. wasnt a farce. They were once brothers who could entrust each other with their backs facing each other. Why did they come to such a state today?

Li Moying looked at Liu Buyan in alert, not understanding why he still hadnt made a move!

Actually it was an easy feat for Liu Buyan to kill him. That strike earlier which he received had already exhausted all his energy and if Liu Buyan wanted to follow up a victory with hot pursuit, then he would eventually fall! With such a huge disparity in cultivation, he was still unable to cross over it.

However, Liu Buyan just stared at him for a long time but didnt make a move. Instead he suddenly opened his mouth, Li Moying, have you really forgotten about her totally? Have you forgotten what you once said yourself?