Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285 Something Happened To Young Sect Master 2

Chapter 1285: Something happened to Young Sect Master (2)
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At that time, Mu Chengying and Huang Yueli had once asked him why hadnt he confessed to the girl whom he liked.

Liu Buyan only smiled and said someone had already done it before him and that lady was already married to that person.

From then on, Liu Buyan started to flutter around the flowers. Mu Chengying thought that he suffered an emotional setback so he turned into a Casanova. He had never considered the fact that the lady whom Liu Buyan had a crush on for so many years and was confessed successfully to by another person was his little fox..

Later on..

Later on, what exactly happened?

Li Moying tried to recall what happened in the past but he simply couldnt recall what happened after that.

The more he tried to recall, the more his memories turned into a blur. The pain in his head became more and more intense as it gradually escalated which made the sweat which had formed on his forehead starting to drip downwards..

What on earth happened??

Li Moying only felt that his chest was starting to twitch in pain. As though after that, something horrifying had happened and the pain in his chest was overly distinct.

But why he was unable to recall what happened at all!

Li Moying immersed himself into his memories and totally lost the connection between his body and the changes in the outer world.

So he had not realised that the surrounding thunder attributed Profoung Qi had all gathered towards his body and the raging lightning kept flashing. Bolt after bolt, it blustered Celestial Light Sects rear mountain.

Moreover, as the pain in his head continued to worsen, the thunder region around him became more and more powerful, turning violent!

Huang Yueli had spent the entire morning hiding in her room. Although she claimed that she was cultivating, in actual fact, she was sulking alone.

Although she obviously knew that the cold war between her and Li Moying couldnt possibly solve any problem, but she just felt gloomy and didnt want to bother about Li Moying.

So in the morning when Li Moying appeared at the door to apologize, she hid in the room, ignoring him.

After Li Moying left, Mo Yi came in several times to serve her tea.

Further, Mo Yi would mention Li Moying every single time.

Third Miss, this lotus spring tea is something which Master had brought back last year when he went to the East Sky Region to experience training. Its said to raise an armament masters concentration and replenish the loss of Profound Energy. I heard that just fifty grams of this already costs ten thousand upper grade spirit stones! Please have a taste!

Third Miss, Master specially instructed the cooks to make this Osmanthus cake,, hearing that you especially love this snack..

Third Miss, the armament refining materials which Master had auctioned for in Sky Cloud City a few days already have been delivered, will you please go check the inventory..

Third Miss..

Huang Yueli was so irritated by him that she finally couldnt help but smashed the cup in her hand heavily on the table as she shouted irritably, Can you stop mentioning about your Master! What are you still so loyal to him? Havent Li Moying already assigned you to follow me? Whose side are you on?

Mo Yis expression was unchanged, Third Miss please be appeased. What Im saying is just the truth. Since you dont allow me to mention Young Sect Master, then. I wont mention him..

The minute he said that, Huang Yueli suddenly felt that she seemed to be an unreasonable woman who threw tantrums for no reason and immediately felt that she was extremely stuffed.

Alright, alright, I want to quietly cultivate on my own! Can you please go somewhere else and unless the world is going to collapse, otherwise please dont come disturb me!

With a bang, the door shut immediately and Mo Yi was swept out of the door.

The serving maid who was waiting by the entrance, was still holding the snack which Li Moying had asked them to prepare before he left.