Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287 Something Happened To Young Sect Master 4

Chapter 1287: Something happened to Young Sect Master (4)
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Heavens, this shocking aura should at least be a ninth stage realm practitioner advancing, which would cause such an effect like this could it be that someone in the Sect is advancing into ninth stage realm again?

How could that be possible? How many years has it been since the Sect had any new ninth stage realm practitioners? Young Sect Master has the highest possibility to breakthrough but hes still young so no matter what, itd still take several years for that to happen!

Then. what on earth is happening? Surely it cannot be that other Sects people came attacking Celestial Light Sect right?

Quickly take a look! Those flying around in the air are all our Sects ninth stage realm Elders! They have all came, what on earth is happening??

Huang Yueli too saw those Elders who had arrived and couldnt help but frowned.

So many ninth stage realm practitioners and none of them could stop Li Moying, it showed the severity of his illness this time round!

Hed already been in such a stage and yet he still refused to listen to her to seek consultation, she really didnt know what else to say!

She hurriedly squeezed through the crowd and dashed towards the array.

The disciples behind her wanted to call out to her when they saw that she was dressed in an outer disciple uniform.

This Junior Sister, you. dont be rash. Its very dangerous there and its not a place where we ordinary disciples can enter!

Thats right, besides that even if you wanted to enter, youre not able to. That array will obstruct all disciples below fifth stage realm outside..

Before that persons words were completed, he suddenly stopped as his expression seemed as though he had seen a ghost.

He saw Huang Yueli enter the array easily, slipping inside swiftly. Not only was she not obstructed by the array, her speed had not even decreased as she dashed inside.

There were guards outside the array but no one was fast enough to react. They only saw a fleeting figure passing between them and in a blink of an eye, it was gone.

Huang Yueli had ran towards the direction of where the lightning was striking downwards.

When she got nearer, she finally saw Li Moyings situation clearly.

At this present moment, his entire body was enveloped by electrical currents and lightning wings which she saw previously in Celestial Light Academy had once again appeared behind his back.

Li Moyings pale white face with his tightly knitted brows was bearing a tormented expression but the imposing manner on his was so powerful that he was in a world above others!

His surrounding circumference had been enveloped by lightning and even for a ninth stage realm practitioner like Murong De was not able to get close to him!

Other than the ninth stage realm Elders, some other direct disciples had also hurried over. The only ones who Huang Yueli recognised were Luo Jiyun, Li Lingchuan and. Murong Fei!

Murong Ni had not appeared this time round, probably because her cultivation was simply too low so she might accidentally lose her life if she appeared here.

Other than these people, there was no Shadow Guards around at all. This made Huang Yueli surprised but when she linked back to Mo Ers dishevelled look earlier, a sliver of uneasiness arose in her heart.

Just at this moment, Murong Fei suddenly sensed her vision and turned around.

On seeing Huang Yueli, her face immediately surfaced a hatred expression as she strode over.

Bai Ruoli, you. you little slut, how dare you even come here? Who let you enter this place?

Huang Yueli directly ignored her as she proceeded towards Li Moying.

Murong Fei clenched her teeth as she shot upwards like an arrow, blocking her path, Stand right there! Where do you think this place is? You certainly have a lot of guts!