Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1288

Chapter 1288 Something Happened To Young Sect Master 5

Chapter 1288: Something happened to Young Sect Master (5)
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Huang Yueli then shifted her gaze to her as she coldly opened her mouth, Move aside! Dont block my way!

Murong Fei sneered, Why? Where do you think youre going? Who do you think you are? Cant you see Eldest Senior Brothers current condition? When Eldest Senior Brothers illness acts up, his cultivation shoots up genuinely to ninth stage realm peak! Even if my father and the other Elders join hands, they also find it hard to control him! Who do you think you are? If you dare to go over, youd immediately be struck into ash by lightning! For a woman with a lowly cultivation like yours, usually its more than enough for you to hide behind Eldest Senior Brothers back. At this kind of timing, its not time for a little slut like you to create trouble.

Huang Yueli frowned, feeling that Murong Fei was extremely irritating!

If Li Moyings current situation was not controlled in time, he would be exhausting his Profound Energy and life source so she had no time at all to waste!

Ill say this one more time, move aside! Im willing to go over so what concern is it of yours? If Im struck to death, shouldnt you feel glad over it?

Murong Fei went into a blank as she immediately said, Of course Im glad if you die! But if you try to create havoc from this and cause Eldest Senior Brother to die, then what should we do? Hurry up and get lost! This place doesnt welcome you!

Huang Yueli replied, I think. if you dont hurry and move aside, then youre the one who will cause him to die!

Murong Fei couldnt help but laughed out, Ha. This is the funniest joke Ive heard. You. ahhhh!

She was laughing halfway when she suddenly shrieked.

So, Huang Yueli couldnt bear to hear her awful laughter and had no mood to haggle on with her so she threw out her right hand and retrieved a thin and almost transparent little dagger, casting it towards Murong Feis face.

Murong Fei only cared about laughing and had not expected that this young lady whose cultivation was so far away from hers actually struck out at her.

She was caught unawares and although she managed to evade it, but her pretty face was still scratched by the flying dagger.

Murong Fei was so infuriated that she jumped up, Little slut, how dare you to actually hurt me? Now that Eldest Senior Brother is no longer able to back you up, see if I dont tear you into two parts!

Huang Yueli couldnt even be bothered to take a look at her as she ran towards Li Moying.

At this moment, Li Moyings thunder attribute energy had gathered to the maximum and was at a point where it would explode at any moment.

Murong De and seven other ninth stage realm Elders were all in positions around him, trapping him according to the Eight Trigrams positions.

Each Elder bore a grave expression, lifting their concentration as they guarded, afraid that Li Moying would suddenly burst into a rage!

The energy of Li Moyings thunder region was getting more and more frantic while the array which the Elders were controlling started to take a toll on them so signs of tiredness appeared on several Elders faces.

Murong De was one of the youngest amongst them and because of that, he suffered the most pressure as his complexion started to become graver and graver.

He had not expected Li Moyings power to increase yet again. Originally it was already difficult to control him and now, he had actually attracted the Heavenly Thunder! It was rumoured that only those practitioners who had a breakthrough to tenth stage realm while advancement would attract Heavenly Thunder!

Did it mean that he was already closing in to tenth stage realm?? Why was it that. whenever he acted up, the Profound Energy in his body would become stronger and stronger?

Furthermore, today was obviously not full moons night, why did his illness suddenly act up?

Just at this moment, he heard Murong Fei and Huang Yuelis argument.