Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289 Things Are In Bad Shape 1

Chapter 1289: Things are in bad shape (1)
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Murong De used his peripheral vision from the corner of his eye to take a look and recognised the young lady next to Murong Fei.

She was the young fiance which Li Moying had brought over from South Yue Kingdom!

Hearing Murong Fei scolding her with the name little slut with every single sentence, the veins bulging on Murong Des head started to twitch.

His eldest daughter. Had indeed been pampered rotten by him! What kind of timing was this now and she was still thinking of fighting for affections with her love rival?

Li Moyings attitude was clear for all to see. He only liked this young fiance of him and so because of this, he didnt even give any face to his Master! With Li Moyings innate talent and character, who dared to force him? The entire Celestial Light Sects future heavily depended upon him!

Moreover, even if she wanted to fight for affection, she shouldnt choose such a timing to do so!

Li Moying was on the verge of eruption and originally it was totally unpredictable on what would happen when his illness acted up.

If Murong Fei were to hurt his young fiance at this juncture, affecting Li Moyings emotions, he might really act recklessly and go on a killing spree!

Especially since today Li Moying actually displayed power which was close to the tenth stage realm.

To tell the truth, even if he joined hands with the seven Elders, with the aid of array and high levelled Profound Armaments, there was a ninety percent chance that they wouldnt be able to stop him!

Murong De wanted badly to stop his own daughter but he was now in position at the array and couldnt move as he wanted so he could only barely watched these two young ladies quarrel gradually escalating.

After Huang Yueli hurt Murong Fei, the latter flew into a rage and without a care to avoid Li Moyings thunder region, she directly chased after Huang Yueli into the inner part of the array.

Murong De was so scared that his forehead was filled with sweat and he finally couldnt endure it any further and risked suffering the backlash from the array as he shouted out loudly to stop them.

Stand there! Dont come over! Its dangerous here!

However, Huang Yueli didnt decrease her speed at all. Instead, she charged towards the thunder region!

Murong Fei hesitated for a moment but on seeing Huang Yueli about to get away, she clenched her teeth as she pursued after her!

Huang Yuelis figure was like lightning as she zig-zagged neatly around the lightning seams and charged forward without any signs of slowing down!

But Murong Fei did not have that kind of precise sight nor did she had that excellent body movements so the minute she entered into the thunder region, just within three breaths, she was struck by the first bolt of lightning!


Murong Des eye popped out in terror.

He witnessed Murong Feis body being struck as it flew out, a large portion of her chest had turned black and right after she fell onto the ground, she lost consciousness.

Murong De almost couldnt stabilise the array as he subconsciously wanted to fly over.

It was Elder Qiu who was beside him who softly coughed out to remind him, Sect Master, be careful! The array is not going to hold up any longer!

Murong De barely managed to control himself and upon turning back, Li Lingchuan and Luo Jiyun had already ran towards Murong Fei, crowding around her to conduct first aid and after a moment later, Murong Fei threw out a mouthful of blood as she slightly gained consciousness which allowed him to rest assured.

But at this moment, Elder Qiu opened his mouth again, Sect Master! Things are bad, that young lass had really ran in and she is going to run into Young Sect Master immediately, what should we do??

Murong De took a look and realised that while he had lost concentration for that short moment of time, Huang Yueli had already ran a few kilometres and was now within three to four hundred meters away from Li Moying.

His eyes grew wide as he looked in disbelief, Wait a minute, how did she enter? Dont tell me she just ran in like that?