Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290 Things Are In Bad Shape 2

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Elder Qiu had witnessed it with his own eyes so he was even more astonished than him.

Isnt that so? I saw her running in just like that and moreover, she ran pretty swiftly!

Murong De said, Elder Qiu, are you sure you arent seeing things? The lightning here is so concentrated and shes just. at fourth stage realm. Wait a minute, shes actually in the fourth stage realm!

He said that halfway and upon careful look at Huang Yuelis cultivation, his eyeballs nearly dropped out on the ground as he almost couldnt hold up the array once again.

Murong Fei had told him before that Li Moyings young fiances cultivation was extremely weak, her innate talent was really bad and that she used her face to seduce Li Moying. At that time, he felt that something was amiss. After all, for a person like Li Moying, would he place any emphasis on a womans beauty?

In the end, after seeing her today. she was no trash at all! At her current age, to be able to attain fourth stage realm later stage was enough to become a direct descendant in Celestial Light Sect!

Elder Qiu saw him going into a trance as he hurriedly added on, Sect Master, lets not bother about what is her cultivation for now, what should we do right now! She dashed into the array like that and if she alarmed Young Sect Master and infuriated him, then we might not be able to stop him!

Murong Des face turned stiff as he regained his senses and immediately became anxious!

Thats right, if he allowed Huang Yueli to dash in like that, then things were going to be in bad shape!

What Elder Qiu said was only a portion of the consequences. Even if they were able to stop Li Moying from erupting but if Huang Yueli went next to Li Moying who was now acting up, she would definitely be attacked by him! How was it possible for a fourth stage realm young lass to even take a casual strike from a ninth stage realm peak practitioner!

That young lass was absolutely dead meat!

When Li Moying awoken and realised that his beloved fiance had died in his own hands..

Perhaps he might really go crazy!

The more Murong De thought, the more terrified he got as his face turned pale. This young lass absolutely could not die!

He hurriedly added, This will not do! Elders, lets not bother about the array. Follow me in quickly and whisk that impudent young lass out! She just dashed in like that so shes not going to be able to live!

When the Elders heard his command, they all went into a blank as no one heeded his command.

Sect Master, are you sure? Shes merely a young lass so if she dies, then let it be! Even if her innate talent is not bad, but surely we cannot risk the danger of Young Sect Master losing control to save her, right?! If Young Sect Master really loses control, then perhaps the entire Celestial Light Sects disciples will all die!

Thats right, Sect Master, although it is a waste for a genius to be lost, but youve got to be clear on which is more important!

Thats right, furthermore, we didnt want that young lass to run in. Its she herself whos looking for death!

Murong Des facial expression turned extremely ugly as he replied urgently, What do you know? Shes Young Sect Masters fiance! If anything were to befall onto her, would Moying still stay in Celestial Light Sect?

The crowd was stunned momentarily as all of them started breaking out in cold sweat.

They were the Sects higher management and naturally heard about the rumours in the sect, regarding how Li Moying had bristled with anger over a beauty..

But Li Moyings fiance of his really had no vision at all!

What kind of timing was it now and she still dared to run about recklessly. Wasnt she finding trouble for everyone?

Just at this moment, Luo Jiyun suddenly ran over and shouted, Master, dont be too anxious! Dont dispel the array! Elders, please maintain your current positions!

Murong De frowned, Jiyun, why are you also..