Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1291

Chapter 1291 Things Are In Bad Shape 3

Chapter 1291: Things are in bad shape (3)
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Murong Des tone apparently was filled with frustration and disagreement.

Luo Jiyun didnt bother to explain any further as he only said, Master, rest assured. Now that Sister-in-law is here, nothing might happen to Eldest Senior Brother! Elders please dont be overly anxious. Just watch on by the side, Sister-in-law will handle things properly!

Murong De totally didnt believe in his pack of lies.

Jiyun, you why are you so muddled? Dont you know by now how terrifying it is when your Eldest Senior Brother acts up? He totally doesnt recognise anyone, even for your Master . he will also attack me! Usually he might indeed be docile and obedient towards his fiance but now it is not like the usual times! You. sigh!

Murong De was just about to continue leading the Elders to save the day when he also saw Li Lingchuan standing up.

Master, its better that you make preparations first. If Eldest Senior Brother really erupts, then protecting the Sect is the number one priority! Now even if we want to save that Miss Bai, its too late so why not just stabilise the array first! Moreover speaking.

He took a look at Luo Jiyun, giving off a smile of ridicule, Since Fifth Junior Brother has vowed so solemnly, so perhaps Miss Bai really has some ability! She might not even need us to go save her! Even if something really happens, in future if Eldest Senior Brother really wants to blame anyone, that would be Fifth Junior Brothers credit ah!

Li Lingchuan had long wanted Li Moying to die faster!

If that young lass surnamed Bai was really dead, Li Moying would be so disoriented that he left Celestial Light Sect in fury which will give Li Lingchuan a chance to climb up to the position of Celestial Light Sects Sect Master!

Otherwise that Eldest Senior Brother whose innate talent was excellent would always be above him! He would never be able to hold his head up high!

That time in Dark Moon Forest, he wanted to use the opportunity to kill Li Moying who was seriously injured but in the end he was almost counter-killed! For a long time after that, he didnt even dare to return to the Sect!

Today, he finally got such a good opportunity to make Li Moying go crazy and beg for death so how could he possibly miss this chance!

Indeed, after Li Lingchuans interruption, Huang Yueli had successfully managed to reach Li Moying in the short period of time.

The two of them were only a few steps apart where they were able to touch each other the minute they stretched out their hands.

When Murong De saw this, he knew that no matter how he tried, he had no way to save Huang Yueli so he couldnt help but let out a long sigh.

He had already ascertained that Huang Yueli was finished, Li Moying was finished and Celestial Light. Was also finished!

Li Lingchuans face surfaced a delighted smile as he was extremely happy beyond words.

Even Murong Fei who was unable to get up while lying on the ground revealed a sliver of sinister smile. That little slut. was dead for sure this time round!

Only Luo Jiyun glanced around and shrugged his shoulders as he sat down underneath the shade of a tree.

Among those people present, he was the only one who had once seen Huang Yueli placate Li Moying in the Dark Moon Forest when he acted up. That time he and Mo Yi and the rest were half dead from the fright but in the end?

But Luo Jiyun knew that no matter how much he said, no one would believe him so it was better for the truth to do the talking!

At this current moment, Huang Yueli totally didnt know what the others response were. She was fully concentrated on the man in front of her.

Li Moying suddenly lowered his head as his piercing cold stare swept towards her. That pair of gloomy eyes penetrating with bitter frost brought along a kind of force which could convulse ones heart. It seemed as though it came from hell and was enough to make anyone who met this pair of eyes plead for mercy while trembling in fear.