Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292 Things Are In Bad Shape 4

Chapter 1292: Things are in bad shape (4)
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Li Moying watched her and the explosive thunder attributed Profound Energy seemed to have restrained a little but he still remained silent and his expression sunken.

Everyones gazes were concentrated on both of them.

Almost everyone was sweating profusely for her as all of their hearts were filled with trepidation.

Such a pretty and slender young lass, if she were to die in the hands of her own fianc, that would really be. A tragedy in real life!

Murong Fei had long forgotten the pain on her body as a smile was seen on her twisted face!

She could actually witness that little slut being killed by Li Moying personally! Such a scenario was something that would make her smile even in her dreams!

Huang Yueli looked at Li Moying for a while and gently sighed as she continued to walk towards his direction.

All of them held their breaths, feeling that at any moment now, Huang Yueli would be struck flying away!

But even until Huang Yueli reached Li Moying, this scene did not materialise.

While the crowd were rubbing their eyes and touching their chins, Huang Yueli suddenly came out with an action which shocked everyone.

She suddenly tipped her toes and placed both her arms around Li Moyings neck and putting strength into it, she dragged him towards her as her slender body pressed tightly against the mans robust chest, without leaving a single opening!

Some of them couldnt help but gasped out loud!

Because everyone could tell that Li Moyings body was surrounded by electric currents, which was an obvious sign of powerful thunder attribute Profound Energy around him. So no matter who went near him would be electrocuted to a crisp, not to mention going close to him at zero distance?

Did this young lass find her life too long? Li Moying didnt actively attacked her whereas she herself went up to look for death?

However, of course Huang Yueli didnt die.

The electric currents on Li Moying was indeed terrifying and this kind of ninth stage realm strong experts powerful pressure almost made her collapse entirely.

But just as she plastered herself onto Li Moyings body, the electric currents disappeared suddenly.

When she hugged Li Moying, she totally didnt feel any pressure from the electricity, only feeling Li Moyings strong body and a pure mans power lying underneath it.

Huang Yueli raised her head as her lips plastered against his tightly pursed lips. She stretched out her tongue and licked him lightly and after caressing him several times, she tried to probe her tongue into his mouth.

But out of her expectations, Li Moying totally refused to coordinate with her this time as his lips remained pursed and his body totally not moving, as though he was not tempted by her seduction and influence.

For a split moment, Huang Yueli had thought that she lost the ability to stop his illness from acting up!

But with a change in thought, she felt something was amiss. If Li Moying really wasnt under her influence totally and being plastered by her in such a way, he would probably had exploded and she was now a dead corpse. How would she continue licking this man in this way?

So. so this man was. acting in an arrogantly pampered manner?

Huang Yueli raised her head to look at his contoured yet strangely cold handsome features.

Li Moying stared coldly into a distance away, not even casting a glance at her with his peripheral view, as though he didnt care about her.

But his tightly clenched fists revealed the struggle within him..

Huang Yueli was melancholic because he had really not seen such a petty man before. At this juncture where he had lost his senses and didnt recognise anyone, but he still remembered the fact that he was still in a quarrel with her??