Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1293

Chapter 1293 Things Are In Bad Shape 5

Chapter 1293: Things are in bad shape (5)
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What kind of rare oddball was this!

But moments later, she was appeased.

Because for Li Moying to act in this way, it represented that she held an irreplaceable existence in his heart

Even though he had lost his memory or even lost his senses, even though he didnt recognise anyone and attacked anyone without any difference.

But in his heart, she still held that special existence in it.

So special that even if it was a small matter which concerned her, it became an obsessiveness in his heart.

Huang Yueli sighed gently and increased her strength as she hugged him rightly, placing her lips onto his as she muttered, Moying, are you still unhappy? Dont tell me you dont want me, and dont like me anymore? Are you going to abandon me?

Li Moyings body jolted but immediately resumed its immobile state.

Huang Yueli said again, If youre not angry then Im going to kiss you now. You must kiss me back alright!

Li Moying still didnt have any expression nor did he say a word.

But Huang Yueli seemed as though nothing had happened as she leaned nearer to him, placing her soft ruby red lips onto his.

This time, at the moment when their lips touched, Huang Yueli felt a scorching warm weak and numbness. Li Moying had immediately taken control, viciously kissing her!

This kiss. was exactly the same as previous times when Li Moyings illness acted up. Not only was it intense, it bore a near-desperate passion which was enough to make ones soul incinerate!

Huang Yueli obediently raised her little chin, allowing him to kiss her in any way he wanted recklessly.

Li Moying was kissing her when he got extremely excited and his firm and muscular arms tightly locked her slender waist, bringing that delicate and soft body into his embrace entirely.

Gradually, Li Moyings kiss started to slow down its anxious pace and slowly became gentle and longing.

This kind of intimateness made Huang Yueli even more drunk and this made her feel that the arguments and gaps between the both of them for the past few days had slowly disappeared in this kiss..

After some time later, Huang Yueli felt that the mans body which was hugging her had slowly relaxed and the action of kissing had also slowly stopped.

She hurriedly stretched out her hand to hug him tightly.

Indeed, the next moment, Li Moying was totally depleted of his energy as he fainted into her arms.

Huang Yuelis figure was petite and carrying a tall man like Li Moying naturally wasnt convenient at all.

She turned her head around wanting to find someone from Celestial Light Sect to help her but instead she met with pairs of shocked and dazed eyes.

Almost everyone used an expression which seemed as though they had just seen a ghost as they watched her intently, totally unaware that she needed help.

Huang Yueli was extremely speechless. She knew that it was indeed a shocking matter for her to be able to settle Li Moying who was in a rage but. surely not all of them needed to put on this look right? People like Sect Master Murong and the few Elders, they were ninth stage realm practitioners so by right they should have at least seen this kind of thing before. Why were they all so shocked that theyve turned silly?

Luckily, Luo Jiyun had long predicted that this scenario would happen.

He hurriedly ran up and said, Sister-in -law, let me help you carry Eldest Senior Brother back!

The minute Huang Yueli saw him, she gave a smile, So its Fifth Junior Brother long time no see!

Luo Jiyun was piggybacking Li Moying on his back and at the same time he was saying, Actually since Sister-in-law have come to Celestial Light Sect, I should visit you and pay my respects but I was out for experience training and have just returned a couple of days. Eldest Senior Brother says you were in closed door cultivation these days so he asked me to drop by a few days later instead.