Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294 Things Are In Bad Shape 6

Chapter 1294: Things are in bad shape (6)
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Huang Yueli replied, No wonder..

At the same time, she quickly realised that Li Moying had intentionally not allowed Luo Jiyun to come over to look for her.

He probably didnt want Luo Jiyun to tell that they were quarrelling!

Huang Yueli naturally wouldnt exposed her own fianc in front of outsiders so she immediately added on, Thats right, Ive been refining armaments for the past few days! Otherwise we would have invited you over for dinner.

Hearing that, Luo Jiyun immediately revealed an excited expression, Ssiter-in-law, youre refining armaments again! What good things are you refining, can I take a look?

He was very clear on Huang Yuelis armament refining standard. Previously in Dark Moon Forest, Huang Yueli had once gifted him with various Profound Armaments and later on, she even refined the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror directly on the spot so since then on, Luo Jiyun totally admired her from the bottom of his heart.

Huang Yueli was thankful to him for speaking up for her in front of Sect Master Murong and the Elders and immediately agreed to it.

The two of them chatted while passing by the crowd.

Those crowded around them had not reacted in time and they were still immersed in that scene till the moment when they were about to leave the arrays boundary did Murong De finally regained his senses.

He cried out loudly, Wait a minute, Jiyun and that.. ughh..

Huang Yuelis footsteps halted and she slowly turned around to face Murong De, I am Bai Ruoli.

Murong De hurriedly said, Right, Miss Bai! Miss Bai, earlier you. how were you able to. ughh. control Li Moying? Usually whenever his illness acts up, so many ninth stage realm practitioners like us may not be able to make him calm down? And his current condition now, you sure hes alright?

Huang Yueli said, To be honest, I also dont know why I can placate him but previous few times Ive succeeded. As for his current situation. resting for a couple of days and he should be alright.

Murong De heaved a sigh of relief, Oh, thats great, thats great!

Now that the people from West Sky Region were coming, the last time they had a tournament, Li Moying was totally in the limelight as he suppressed every single person there. So if he were to lose his battle power because of his illness, then Celestial Light Sect would have their reputation down in the dumps!

Huang Yueli could tell that his expression wasnt quite right but she couldnt be bothered to ask too much.

Just as she was prepared to leave, she heard a intermittent rant, Bai. Ruoli. You this. slut. you harmed. me so terribly..

Those present heard her cursing and turned towards her direction as they saw Murong Fei holding up her body which had been struck badly by electrical currents shedding a dishevelled look with messy hair as her eyes opened wide like full moons, staring furiously at Huang Yueli.

When Murong De saw his daughter bearing such a sorrowful look, he couldnt help but frown.

Huang Yueli saw that and sneered coldly in his heart as she put on an embarrassed look speaking in a soft voice, Miss Murong, really.. really sorry! I was in a hurry to save him earlier and hadnt noticed that you were following right behind me. Id not expected you to be so unlucky, oh, this is all my fault. I ask for your forgiveness if theres any ways which I had offended you.

Murong De originally felt a little angry, feeling that Huang Yueli definitely had something to do with his daughter turning out in this state and he was already planning to make things difficult for her.

Who knew that Huang Yueli would come out with these words.

In actual fact, those with eyes were able to tell that it was Murong Fei herself who challenged Huang Yueli first and that caused her to be beaten up by Huang Yueli instead.