Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1296

Chapter 1296 Reconciled 1

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Eighth grade talent?? Then isnt she the same as Eldest Young Miss?

So thats why her innate talent is not bad and shes so enchanting plus the fact that she is so magnanimous and humble, theres nothing strange about Young Sect Master choosing her at all!

Hearing the crowds discussions, Murong Fei gnashed her teeth so hard that she almost broke them!

That wretched lass was actually said to be magnanimous and humble? What was the matter with them? The most crafty, sinister woman on this earth was her! She was merely putting on an act in front of these Elders!

Those Elders, including her father, were they all blind? They actually couldnt tell the real face of that wretched lass??

Just as Murong Fei almost fainted from anger, suddenly a cold and mellow make voice rang above her head.

Eldest Senior Brothers young fiance. Isnt simple at all! No wonder youre not her match at all.

This voice sounded familiar so when Murong Fei heard that, her heart quivered slightly as she raised her head.

Li Lingchuan was just standing beside her with an unfathomable look and on seeing her, he gave a cold sinister smile.

Youre finding it strange on why my thinking is different from the Elders? Third Junior Sister, Ive already encountered this lasss power beforehand, so naturally Im not bewitched by her! Forgive me for being straightforward but with your plans, it wont be easy for you to defeat her.

Murong Fei clenched her teeth, What do you mean by that? I know she is very scheming but I. I might not lose to her!

Li Lingchuan lowered his head as he helped her wipe the dirt off her face and smiled, Third Junior Sister, youve misunderstood my meaning! I just wanted to say that your background is so elegant and youre such a kind young lady who only thinks of cultivating, how could you possibly win a scheming wild lass like her, who grew up from that kind of small place?

People all loved to hear nice things and especially for a rare handsome guy like Li Lingchuan to say such things to comfort her while she was feeling unbearable made Murong Fei felt much better.

She felt touched as she said, Second Senior Brother, youre the one who understands me even more..

Li Lingchuan stared at her for a moment before sighing gently, You finally realised that Second Senior Brother treats you well. I thought that you only had Eldest Senior Brother in your eyes and will never realise that there are others who will be worried for you!

Murong Fei was stunned as she apparently looked towards Li Lingchuan in a flustered manner.

Li Lingchuan was interested in her so she naturally knew about it. But she always had doubts over how much sincerity he had towards her.

After all, marrying her would result in a huge possibility to become the future Sect Master of Celestial Light Sect. Li Lingchuans innate talent could not surpass Li Moyings so he required the Sect Masters daughter as a heavyweight chip to add points for himself.

But not caring if he was genuine or was faking it, now that Murong Fei had been repeated rejected by Li Moying and after she was tortured to such an extent by Huang Yueli, hearing his words was enough to make Murong Fei felt touched.

At least someone else liked her.

Second Senior Brother Murong Feis eyes turned wet.

Li Lingchuan hurriedly said, Third Junior Sister, please dont cry, is your wound hurting again? Id better hurry and send you back! Hurry get a doctor to come over to take a look otherwise if you dont treat your internal injury properly, it will affect your future cultivation!

Saying that, he carried Murong Fei like a princess as he sent her back personally.

Murong Fei immediately went teary eyes, Thank you Second Senior Brother!