Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1297

Chapter 1297 Reconciled 2

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Li Lingchuan smiled and said, Whats there to thank me for? Were Senior and Junior brothers and sisters, so its my duty to take care of you!

Murong Fei only cared about being touched and had not noticed a cold glint flashing past Li Lingchuans eyes.

He already found Li Moyings fatal spot and that was his fiance! From todays situation, if that young lass died, it was an absolutely fatal strike to Li Moying!

Only thing was that although that young lasss cultivation wasnt high, but she had always been under the tight protection of Li Moying, so if he wanted to deal with her, it wasnt any simpler than dealing with Li Moying. So at this point of time, he needed an ally whom he could use.

Murong Fei was naturally the most suitable candidate. Both of them had the same enemy so they would definitely be able to kill that young lass.

By that time, Li Moying would be so heartbroken and if a little accident were to happen. Murong Fei could only fall into his embrace so Celestial Light Sect would naturally become his!

On the other hand, after Luo Jiyun followed Huang Yueli to Li Moyings courtyard, his eyes had been drifting meaningfully towards her armament refining room, but he didnt open his mouth.

Huang Yueli understood what he was thinking about. This young man obviously took an interest in the Profound Armaments which she had refined!

Luo Jiyun was Li Moyings favourite Junior Brother so naturally he was the same as her own brother. Huang Yueli herself didnt mind gifting him a few pieces of Profound Armament. But now was not the right time. Li Moying was still unconscious and all she had on her mind was to take care of him, with no mood to do any other things at all.

She only said, Junior Brother Luo, the night is not young anymore. Your Eldest Senior Brother and I are going to rest. Today I must thank you and if you dont mind, please come over for dinner tomorrow.

When Luo Jiyun heard that, he hurriedly replied, Im so sorry, Sister-in-law. I shall not disturb you from resting anymore, Ill make a move now.

After sending Luo Jiyun off, Huang Yueli returned to the bedroom and looked at Li Moyings pale handsome face, as she couldnt help but sighed gently.

She wondered what was it that made Li Moyings illness suddenly acted up?

Could it be that. it was related to their quarrel yesterday?

The more Huang Yueli thought, the more possibility she felt. After all, today was not full moons night and Li Moyings condition recently had been stable, not like his illness would suddenly act up..

Thinking up to this point, she couldnt help but felt guilty as she regretted a little in insisting for him to see Liu Buyan.

Sigh, forget it, since youre so insistent I have no other way as well. Hurry up and wake up, I wont force you to do anything anymore.

Unknowingly, she fell asleep as she leaned against the side of the bed.

But as her heart was still hanging onto Li Moyings condition so she woke up in abruptly.

The minute her eyes opened, she felt something was amiss and the minute she regained her consciousness, she discovered that Li Moying had already regained his consciousness and was staring intently at her.

Amidst the first sun rays in the morning, his arm was propping up her head as he sat up halfway, his gaze deep and serene.

You youre awake? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere? Huang Yueli asked and at the same time stretched out her hand as she wanted to touch his forehead.

But her hand which was outstretched halfway was stopped by Li Moying.

He held on to her hand and placed it on his chest asking in a mellow voice, Yesterday. Had my illness acted up again? Youre the one who saved me?

Huang Yueli was stunned, Thats right, yesterday Mo Er returned heavily injured saying that your illness suddenly acted up, asking me to go over and save you immediately.