Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1299

Chapter 1299 Reconciled 4

Chapter 1299: Reconciled (4)
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Li Moying tried to make himself seemed extremely innocent as he said, How would I know you would think so much? Every time I saw you, my senses goes awry. You dont know that Ive been secretly admiring you for a long time?

Huang Yueli was stunned as her eyes grew wide, You secretly admire me? How was that possible? That day was the first time we met!

Li Moying stroked his chin as he gave a mysterious smile, Thats your first time meeting me but that doesnt equate to my first time meeting you.. You dont know how long Ive been spying on you for! Plus the fact that you were so cute that day. I just couldnt control myself.

Huang Yuelis mind turned blank for a moment and very quickly, two shades of red appeared on the sides of her cheeks.

I. I wont listen to your rubbish! Anyway, you forcefully kissed me the very first time we met, thats simply too much! That made me felt that youre a scoundrel who goes around flirting with other girls!

Li Moying laughed uncontrollably, I only want to flirt around with you, so how is it possible for me to go around harassing other girls? But if I had known that that moment of rashness would cause so much misunderstandings about me, then I probably wouldnt be so rash. At the very least, Id endure till our second meeting before I. kiss you!

He lowered his tone as his eyes dimmed slightly, intentionally speaking in an ambiguous manner.

Huang Yueli was so upset that she almost fell down from the bed and stared at him angrily, You, you, you you still think you are logical! Anyway from what I see, youre not a good person!

She pushed Li Moying and originally she thought this man would definitely not feel any pain or itchiness but who knew that Li Moying actually followed her push and fell down from the bed.

She blinked and recalled that Li Moyings illness just acted up yesterday so today he should be an extremely weak condition. Probably he couldnt take her kind of trample!

She hurriedly leaned over and asked in a careful manner, Moying, are you alright?

Li Moying moaned, Im alright, Im already used to it. Its not the first time that youve attempted murder your husband anyway.


Huang Yueli wanted to punch him but her fist had just raised up when she couldnt bear to do so as she withdrew it back.

Right, I heard you mentioned about this earlier, you really recalled the past about your past life? Then can you tell me that after I died in my past life what happened to you? Why were you reborn as well?

Li Moying frowned when he heard that as he tried to recall but only felt dizziness in his head. If he were to continue recalling, the pain would become even more intense.

He was worried that if he carried on in this way, his illness would act up again so he could only gave up trying as he said, I I cant remember anything about this! I can only remember what happened very long ago. The times when we started to get along with each other and several times when we argued and made up. But for things that happened later on. I just cant recall it at all. Including the matter which you told me about you being in Northern Ice Fields, I totally have no impression at all. The minute I tried to think about it, my head would hurt like mad.

Huang Yueli was most afraid that his illness would act up and upon hearing that, she hurriedly said, Alright then, dont think about it, please dont think about it! Do you know how scary you looked when your illness acted up yesterday? You seemed a lot more serious than previous few time and I was so worried that something would happen to you!

Her little face was pale like sheet and that made Li Moyings heart extremely pained.

Dont worry, nothing will happen to me. He gently held Huang Yuelis wrist, Take a look, havent I started to recall a bit of the past already? Perhaps the more intense my illness acts up, the faster it represents on the recovery of my memories so you dont need to be so anxious.