Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1300

Chapter 1300 Reconciled 5

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Huang Yueli actually didnt believe in these kind of words because when Li Moyings illness acted up, not only did his head hurt badly, it was also accompanied with intense fluctuations of Profound Energy leaking out from his body. She had never seen anyones Soul Detachment Illness with such a symptom!

But Li Moying wasnt willing to spare her any time to think as he comforted her, Thats alright, I know my own body conditions. I think as long as I recover all my memories, then my Soul Detachment Illness will recover without needing any medications. You really dont need to worry, I will also agree to seeing Liu Buyan.

Huang Yueli was obviously surprised because Li Moying had been resisting that for the longest time ever and even going into a cold war because of that to show his stand that he refused to budge!

Now when she had already decided to give up, in the end, Li Moying actually agreed to do a consultation?

But since hed already said this, if she didnt agreed to it, shed be the silly one.

Huang Yueli revealed a radiant smile and said, Alright then were set on this. Today Ill get someone to send the news over to Divine Doctor Liu, asking him to make a visit to the Sect.

Li Moying nodded his head, not saying a word.

By this timing, Liu Buyan had long left this place out of anger so if Huang Yueli was able to find him, it would be really absurd!

Furthermore, even if she could find him, there was a Liu Buyan ninety percent chance that Liu Buyan would not see him so by then the person who fell out with Huang Yueli would be Liu Buyan!

This move was called leading the misfortune to others, which meant to let others take the brunt of the losses on ones behalf by unscrupulous means. So for this role, its better to leave it to his love rival to take up.

Li Moying schemed Liu Buyan with a peace of mind but while facing Huang Yueli, he revealed a deep smile.

Alright, Ill listen to you entirely, as long as you dont continue quarrelling with me.

Huang Yueli pouted as she replied unhappily, Since when did I quarrel with you? Its you who was unreasonable!

Just as the two of them were acting intimately, Mo Ers voice suddenly rang from outside the door.

Young Sect Master, Third Miss, are you both awake?

Li Moying had just leaned closed to Huang Yuelis face as just as he was preparing to kiss her, in the end the two of them were just a distance of half an inch away, they were actually interrupted just like that!

Li Moying wasnt able to take a bite of the fatty meat which was by his mouth and his mood became extremely irritable as his face sunk immediately.

What are you howling about so early in the morning? He replied in a bad mood.

Mo Er seemed to be shocked by his fierce tone as he paused for a moment before he started trembling in fear, Master Master, its not that I want to disturb the both of you, but. that Young Master Luo is here early in the morning and had been waiting for the past hour in the guest hall. He looked very restless as though theres something urgent so

Li Moyings immediately creased tightly, Whats that fellow here for? Havent I told him that youre in closed door seclusion and asked him to come over in a few days time? Could something really have happened?

Huang Yueli couldnt help but laughed, Yesterday when I went over to save you, I met him. He seemed as though he wanted me to help him refine some Profound Armaments so thats why hes so anxious. Yesterday I chased him away and asked him to come over today but in the end, he actually came by so early in the morning!

Li Moyings expression turned even uglier, What on earth? Youre my fiance, not his, what right does he have to have such specialised service?

Especially when he interrupted their intimacy.

The two of them were in a cold war for several days and that represented that they hadnt been intimate for a few days!

Huang Yueli laughed as she placated him, Alright, alright, stop being so calculative with a child! No matter, I have ready made Profound Armaments for him so well be able to settle this within a quarter of an hour.