Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301 Reconciled 6

Chapter 1301: Reconciled (6)
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Truth had proven that a quarter of an hour was not enough to settle it.

Luo Jiyun kept choosing for some time before he finally chose one Profound Armament.

And in this way, it was already time for lunch.

Luo Jiyun was obviously retarded and hadnt noticed his Eldest Senior Brothers flaming gaze as he stayed on to have lunch.

After lunch, Li Moying couldnt take it any further as he swept him out of his door!

After such a long argument, Huang Yueli and Li Moying regained their lovey dovey state and the two of them started appearing within Celestial Light Sect in pairs, which made numerous people green with envy.

On the second day after Huang Yueli patched up with Li Moying, she sent someone to look for Liu Buyan, to find out when he was returning.

Unfortunately, the only news she found was that Liu Buyan had once again left for consultation and his return date was unknown.

Hearing such a response, Huang Yueli was slightly unhappy, Whats the matter with him? We had obviously agreed on this? Why didnt he sound me when he was back and now without any notice, he ran off again!

Li Moying added more oil to the fire, I already said this, the both of us dont see eye to eye with each other. Perhaps hes not willing to help me so consultation but only didnt wanted to reject this in front of you. After you left, he started to regret it.

Stabbing a knife on his love rival, he totally felt no ounce of guilt at all. Furthermore Li Moying felt that what he said was the truth. Liu Buyan indeed didnt wanted to do a consultation for him but he indeed didnt know how to reject Huang Yueli so in which way were these words a lie? At most it was just a little misleading..

Huang Yueli naturally trusted him entirely and her impression towards Liu Buyan took a turn for the worse, How could he act in this way? If he didnt wanted to do a consultation for you, just tell me straight, how dare he try to pacify me like this! This is just too much. Next time he looks for me, Ill ignore him!

Li Moying was so happy that he almost laughed out! He didnt expected his Lier to be so understanding and was about to draw the line with Liu Buyan?

He tried his best to stop his laughter but his shoulders kept shaking from the delight.

Huang Yueli stared at him curiously, Moying, whats the matter? Are you not feeling comfortable somewhere again?

Im fine..

Li Moying was just about to explain when he heard a knocking sound on his door and following that, Mo Ers voice was heard, Master, Sect Master sent someone over saying that those people from West Sky Regions Green Cloud Sect have arrived and will like to invite you over for a discussion..

Li Moying nodded, I know already, Ill be right over.

Huang Yueli blinked as she asked curiously, Green Cloud Sect? Why have they sent someone over?

She had heard of this Green Cloud Sect in her past life. They were West Sky Regions number one Sect, comparable to South Sky Regions Celestial Light Sect.

But the four sky regions practitioners cultivation were averaged out in high and low. West Sky Regions practitioners were the strongest among the other sky regions whereas South Sky Regions ability was the lowest.

So although the reputations were said to be comparable, but Green Cloud Sects ability in total was no different from a few large Sect in Soaring Heavens Continent whereas Celestial Light Sect was much worse off. So these two Sects were actually not on the same level.

Li Moying wasnt in a hurry to explain, Ill head over first and when I come back Ill explain to you in detail. If Im back late, have your meal first and dont wait for me, en?

He finished up his words and lowered his head naturally giving her a huge kiss on her face, totally not noticing the Shadow Guards who were standing by the side.

After he finished his kiss, he turned around and left.

Mo Er tried his best to control his movements, to only stare straight and not look elsewhere. He didnt even dare to look at Huang Yueli in the eye, as he stiffly left along with Li Moying.