Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302 Ancient Mystic Region 1

Chapter 1302: Ancient Mystic Region (1)
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Huang Yueli was bored and was preparing to visit Su Qingyue and the others while Li Moying wasnt around.

Whoever knew, she had just reached the entrance when she met with an unexpected guest.

Miss Bai, we havent met for a few months and it seems that you have grown much prettier than before. Its no wonder that youre the lady whom Eldest Senior Brother have taken a fancy upon.

An introverted and amiable voice was heard from behind her back.

Huang Yueli turned back and saw Li Lingchuan who was dressed in a long green robe standing not too far behind from her. Although a smile hung on his face, but his expression seemed extremely cold.

So its you! We arent that familiar right? Will you please move aside! Huang Yueli said in an impolite tone.

She still recalled the time when they were still in the Dark Moon Forest and Li Lingchuan almost got Li Moying killed, this person was her enemy! She naturally didnt showed him any face at all.

Li Lingchuan seemed as though he didnt see her expression filled with deep hatred as he walked directly in front of her.

Whats the matter? Eldest Senior Brother actually didnt follow you around to protect you? He actually let you roam about in Celestial Light Sect?

Huang Yuelis arms were crossed, What does it have to do with you?

Im only worried that Eldest Senior Brother is not able to protect you properly. After all I heard that my Third Junior Sister and Youngest Junior Sister all hate you to the core! Tsk tsk, you have a lot of guts, seducing my Eldest Senior Brother under these two ladies eye, you actually still humiliate them so much. It seems that you have a lot of schemes!

Li Lingchuan smiled as he talk, but every single sentence was filled with ridicule.

Huang Yueli coldly replied, Youre here just to tell me all these? Trying to stand out for the two Miss Murongs? Allow me to remind you that Celestial Light Sect is not your turf, but my fiancs turf! If you were to do anything to me here, I wonder who will be the one who will get into trouble!

Li Lingchuan was a sixth stage realm practitioner and moreover he was experiences in actual battle so in terms of battle power, he was way above Murong Fei!

A few months ago when they met in the Dark Moon Forest, Huang Yueli was totally not his match.

But now things werent the same anymore. Huang Yueli admitted that even if she wasnt able to defeat him, but at least she had the ability to escape. Moreover Li Moying would be back any time so she didnt know how was it like to be anxious.

Li Lingchuan walked neared to her as he started to unleash his Profound Energy with the intention to give her some pressure.

Unfortunately, Huang Yueli totally had no reaction and this made him felt defeated.

This is so interesting. You really think that Li Moying can protect you forever?

Huang Yueli raised her chin and replied without any hesitation, Of course! But even without his protection, I can protect myself!

This was the aim which she had been working hard towards. She didnt wanted to be Li Moyings burden. She wanted to be like in her past life, a buddy who could accompany him alongside during a battle and entrust their backs to each other! She wasnt those kind of weak young lady!

Li Lingchuan couldnt help but laughed out loudly, Good, you sound so magnanimous! No wonder youre Eldest Senior Brothers woman! I hope ten days later, you can still say the same thing!

Huagn Yueli frowned, What do you mean?

Li Lingchuan sneered, You know. what was the reason why Master called for Eldest Senior Brother so early in the morning, and moreover so anxious?

Huang Yueli recalled Li Moyings anxious look as she was slightly puzzled.

Why? Wasnt it because Green Cloud Sects people are here today?

Then, havent he told you the reason for why Green Cloud Sect is here for?