Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304 Ancient Mystic Region 3

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Huang Yueli was suddenly enlightened, as she finally understood what Li Lingchuan was up to.

So this fellow was afraid of Li Moying going through a breakthrough in the ancient mystic region so he intentionally came to scare her, hoping that she would stop Li Moying from entering the mystic region!

In Li Lingchuans eyes, her cultivation probably wasnt worth noticing and she definitely required Li Moying to protect her. So he assumed that she couldnt bear for Li Moying to leave her?

Alas, he had really been thinking too much.

Huang Yueli was having this thinking but her face revealed a meaning expression, Then what should I do, he. he wouldnt go to the mystic region right?

Li Lingchuan smiled, This. its not easy nor too difficult. But if he really values you, he will definitely stay behind for you. You just need to beg him to do so! Of course, if hes not willing to give up for you, that would mean. Hehe, you should understand it clearly yourself.

Understand your head! Did he really thought that she was an ignorant woman who wasnt aware of anything? In order to keep her fianc beside her, she would delay his future. Just how many stupid people would do such a thing?

Huang Yueli really wanted to roll her eyes towards the sky but she endured it.

She cried out meekly, Then. when he comes home, Ill persuade him..

Li Lingchuan thought his scheme had worked when he saw her look and added more oil to the fire, Then well have to see your ability! Now those people who are jealous of you are already discussing how to deal with you! Hehe, youd better watch out for yourself!

Saying that, he turned around and left.

Huang Yueli looked at his departing figure and lightly frowned.

From Li Lingchuans meaning, it was a difficult chance to enter the mystic region, otherwise he wouldnt have specially came over to threaten her, just to stop Li Moying with the largest possibility to go in! Perhaps Li Lingchuan and the others had already obtained first hand news on the situation inside the mystic region!

Looked like she had to discuss this matter with her fianc.

It was night time and Li Moying dragged his chilly body back to the room as his expression was obviously tired with his lips slightly pursed. A tinge of impatience was also seen on that good looking face.

But after seeing Huang Yueli welcoming him with a light smile, he instantly relaxed and even gave a smile back.

Lier, I heard that you went out shopping today? What good stuff have you bought?

Huang Yueli replied, Im not telling you what I bought, thats a secret! But I met a person whom you totally would not think of! Make a guess who is it?

Li Moyings brows rose as he looked at Huang Yueli.

His Lier had a sly expression as her full moon eyes were looking at him, waiting for his reply.

Li Moying intentionally paused for a moment, Mn. this seems very difficult to guess. He paused for a moment and said, But I guess, it should be my Second Junior Brother Li Lingchuan?

Huang Yueli instantly became disappointed, You how did you know? You even guessed this correctly!

This is because.. our hearts are linked together! Li Moying laughed. Did you send someone to follow me around? Or is it Mo Yi the bigmouth who sold me out!

Li Moying pinched her puffed up cheek as she shook her head, None of it is correct. But Li Lingchuan was supposed to go to Master today to have a discussion today but he was late for almost an hour. So linking it all up, he should have met you on his way there?