Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305 Ancient Mystic Region 4

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Huang Yueli pouted as she muttered, You. arent you a little too smart? You can even link this up! Then Ill ask you, can you guess what he told me?

Li Moying indifferently replied, What else can it be? He probably tried to scare you to stop me from going to the ancient mystic region!

Huang Yueli was really shocked, You actually guessed this correctly as well! Thats right, he indeed said that. He said that when you werent around, I will definitely be bullied by the others so he wants me to beg you to stay and accompany me! Did he think I am an idiot? She exclaimed furiously.

Li Lingchuans words were simply insulting her wisdom!

Li Moying couldnt help but shook his head as he laughed out, I knew hes a dumb fool so just ignore him and let him go act out his single role!

He knew many years ago that Li Lingchuans aim was to replace him, to become Celestial Light Sects future Partriarch. But Li Lingchuan had never thought that in actual fact, Li Moying totally had no interest in Celestial Light Sect. It was a matter of time before he left and he would not become competitors with him at all.

It was Li Lingchuan who was treading on deaths path all along. If this carried on, sooner or later, his little life would be thrown away.

Although Li Moying didnt said it clearly, but their hearts were linked so just from his cold smile, she was able to guess his intention.

She couldnt help but laugh as she said, Thats right, so the matter regarding the ancient mystic region is real? Li Lingchuan said Green Cloud Sect sent someone here so that they can activate the ancient mystic region with your Sect? Thats a newly discovered mystic region?

Li Moying nodded, This matter is real and Green Cloud Sect had been lucky. This was rumoured to from an ancient record which had been lost in transmission and in it they discovered an ancient cave which had been left behind by an ancient deity so they spent quite an amount of effort before they certified the location. This originally wouldnt be revealed to us Celestial Light Sect. But too bad they dont have enough ninth stage realm practitioners in their Sect and out of desperation, hence they decided to cooperate with us.

The minute Huang Yueli heard his confirmation, she became even more excited, Really? A super expert who broke through to god realm, these people all seem be living in God Realm and very rarely return to Soaring Heavens Continent. This kind of mystic region is something which doesnt come by often! There must be a lot of treasures inside!

Li Moying looked at her as he smiled, Why, from your meaning, it sounds as if you want to join in as well.

Huang Yueli blinked, Thats a given!

Li Moying said, With such an opportunity, the quota is very small and after each of the departments in the Sect fight headto head over this, the chance will only be given to direct disciples.

Huang Yueli stared at him in dissatisfaction, What do you mean? Are you telling me that as fiance of Young Sect Master, I cannot enter?

Li Moyings eyebrows rose as his good looking face leaned in close to hers, Give me a kiss and Ill bring you in?

Huang Yueli didnt kiss him. Instead she stretched out her and pulled his ears, Fat hope! Im telling you, Li Lingchuan said that if you were to go in, then if a pathetic fourth stage realm practitioner like me stays outside here, a lot of people will be waiting to bully me and by then, I will suffer a terrible fate!

Who else can bully you? Arent you the one who is always bulling others? Every single day when I go out, I hear people complaining to me that youre beating this person or that person on that day!

Li Moying intentionally laughed at her.

Thats because they deserved to be beaten up! Its a waste of energy for me to beat them up alright? Huang Yueli replied in a upset tone.